Bag Boy Revolver LTD 14-Way Cart Bag Review

Bag Bou Revolver LTD Edition Cart Golf Bag - Charcoal

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No two golfers are alike when it comes to level and style of play, the reason why there is such a wide array of golf bags and how overwhelming it can be to select the best one there is.

This review takes a look at the Bag Boy Revolver LTD 14-Way Cart Bag to make it easier for you to make an informed purchase.

Golf bags today are made of leather, canvas, and nylon or a combination of the first two, with metal or plastic framing as well as reinforcement, a far cry from when all kinds of materials were used including, no kidding, elephant penile skin.

The similarities of all golf bags, including the Bag Boy Revolver, begin and end with the fabric used, extra pockets, and club dividers.

After those things in common, golf bags are customized for all types of golfers. For those who walk the gold course, the bags are made lightweight. Golf cart bags are designed specifically to fit on golf carts for those who ride them most of the time.

Staff bags are for professional golfers who require a lot of room for all their gear. And women can get these types in ladies’ versions as well.

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Clip-Lok Technology

The Bag Boy Revolver golf bag’s unique mechanism of a rotating top that can go 14 different ways is made possible with the exclusive Clip-Lok technology enables you to get the club you want to use easily and conveniently.

Locking in and holding the clubs in place keep their shafts separate and prevent them from hitting and scratching each other.

Pockets & Storage

Bag Bou Revolver LTD Edition Cart Golf Bag - Black

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Pockets are very important to cart bags so you would want them facing a considerable distance away from the cart. This ensures that all the gear you will need during a game is within easy reach.

One of the newest features of most cart bags today is removable coolers like those found in the Bag Boy Revolver LE models so you can get your beverage at the ready whenever you feel thirsty. This cart bag comes with a key clip to enhance the visual appeal of your golf cart bag.

Bag Boy Revolver Ltd went all out in equipping this model with pockets, a total of eight in all. There’s the front ball pocket for putting in your favorite or lucky balls as well as two side pockets for putting in accessories like your tees and gloves.

Furthermore, there are two full-sized apparel pockets with “hidden” pockets that are fleece-lined where valuables like your cell phone goes in, and a removable, over-sized insulated cooler pocket for your water bottle.

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Features and Specifications

With the unique Bagboy Revolver Clip-lock technology for holding and locking in clubs securely and safely, here are a few more features that come on handy:

  • Equipped with individual dividers in full length.
  • With eight pockets in total, including two accessory pockets at the sides, a front ball pocket, and two apparel pockets in full sizes.
  • Deluxe shoulder strap is padded.
  • With trunk lift integrated handle.
  • Products dimensions are 35.5 inches by 15.5 inches by 13 inches.
  • Shipping weight is 26 pounds.
  • Origin of manufacture: U.S.A.
  • Choice of colors include Black, Charcoal/White, Red/Silver, Silver/Orange, Royal/Silver, Silver/Red, and Silver/Royal.
  • It comes with or without embroidery (maximum of 100 characters).

Customer Reviews and Scores

Bag Bou Revolver LTD Edition Cart Golf Bag - Red

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The overall score given by 20 Amazon customers for the Bag Boy Revolver Cart Bag review was 4.2 stars out of five. Only one customer gave it one star and two- and three-star ratings were given to the product by two customers each.

One customer wrote that this Bag Boy model was the “best cart golf bag” he ever had because it was “easy on the grips” and liked the locking method.

Customer Barry Beeber gave the product 4.5 stars because he found the older Bag Boy models “had better putter clips.” According to him, the ones in the new models “are too long and interfere with putters that have a wide grip.” But he mentioned that this “minor” criticism was “designed to tell Bag Boy how to make the bag better.” Otherwise, he found his purchase “quite good and useful.”

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Who Should Buy This Product?

All Bag Boy golf bags have been designed and crafted with quality in mind but there are some considerations when deciding whether the Bag Boy LTD 14-Way Cart Bag is the one for you.

If your main concern is convenience storage and the additional bulk, the LTD is suitable for you with eight pockets, including a cooler pocket and a “hidden” secret one for your valuables and range finder.

Although the LTD and the Bag Boy Revolver XL have nearly the same excellent features, you may want the latter’s newer external putter tube with the same secure clip, albeit this model has only seven rotations and two less the number of pockets that the LTD has.

The Revolver LTD is obviously lighter in construction with the advantage over the XL with its trunk lift integrated handle.

Bag Boy Revolver LTD 14-Way Cart Bag Review
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A little more expensive than the average bag, but then again, this is not an average bag. We love the deeper thinking that went into this design. We love the extra features. This bag will serve any serious golfer well, for years to come. Yay it is indeed.

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Bag Bou Revolver LTD Edition Cart Golf Bag - Blue

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Everything a golf would want in a golf bag is in the Bag Boy LTD for the easiest and most convenient access to clubs and a roomy storage built for golfing items and accessories needed during play.

If you’re the type of shopper who values the opinions of others before making a purchase, consider this model since more than one Bag Boy Revolver pro review gave it a thumbs up.

Additionally, the Bag Boy Revolver Clip-Lok technology has become a favorite feature of customers who have purchased the LTD, with some describing it as “awesome” in functionality.

If the price is keeping you from owning it, consider the cash you will shell out as an investment for a golf bag that is truly value for your money because of all its salient features.

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