Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review

Callaway Golf needs no introduction to any player that has been around a decent golf course for a couple of weeks. If you started golfing at a young age then you probably used to wander around in the local pro shop, looking through the best gear, dreaming of one day you maybe being the proud owner of one of those prestigious Callaway Golf bags. It’s okay, more than a handful of golfers have and some definitely still do.

Throughout our Callaway Org 14 cart bag review you’ll gain more knowledge of exactly why this event of young aspiring players dreaming of owning the best of the best will never end, especially when a bag such as the Org 14 bag is up for discussion. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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More than enough storage available

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If there were only two things you definitely don’t want a shortage of when considering buying a decent cart bag, especially from a trusted brand name like Callaway, they would have been enough club compartments to keep things organized, as well as enough valuables pockets for everything else.

Unsurprisingly as the name suggests, the Callaway Org 14 golf bag has an intelligently designed 14-way divider organizer system for your clubs that includes an integrated handle which makes handling the bag onto and off a cart, fairly straight forward and comfortable.

Furthermore, don’t you dare think for one second that the Org 14 with its 14 dividers compromises on additional storage bags, as this bag conveniently consists of 12 additional pockets, strategically added for easy access, including:

  • A velour-lined valuables pocket with key knob
  • 2 full length apparel pockets
  • A ball pocket
  • A thermal-lined cooler pocket
  • A GPS/Range finder pocket
  • A rain gear pocket including fully integrated umbrella sleeve
  • 3 additional accessory pockets.

Alert: Please feel free to hold it against us but we do need to satisfy the thirsty golfers out there by assuring them that the Org 14 golf bag easily stores and keeps 6 of your favorite beverages cool for the entire 18 holes. No kidding.

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Lightweight and easy to handle

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It wouldn’t take much convincing if we had to tell you that a bag with this much storage space available as well as taking the overall quality material used manufacturing it into consideration, that this must be quite the heavy bugger to lift in and out of a vehicle or even its cart, right? Wrong.

Without exaggerating even a little bit, the bag weighs less than 5 lbs in total (empty of course) so we’re pretty convinced that even less exercised and muscle-toned lady golfers out there will get this baggage handled with care without breaking a sweat.

After all, the Callaway Org 14 is a cart bag and is not designed to be carried around much, but even if the situation calls for it, we’re quite convinced it won’t break an arm or a leg or tear a muscle along the way.

Did we mention the integrated handle within the 14-way divider system to ease handling of the bag considerably?

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At the time of this review, the majority users and thus reviewers on Amazon, were speaking with one voice: praising Callaway for the amount of available storage space and overall weight for a bag of this size.

We did pick up that one or two golfers remarked that clubs fitted with over-sized grips may not be the easiest to get access to or organize within the available 14 dividers, but we’re sure with a little extra careful planning and with a putter pocket fitted on the outside of the bag (which it does), this is a rare, single user experience indeed.

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Who should buy this beauty?

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It’s a cart bag. It’s not a small bag. Can you take everything you need along the next 18 holes without having to stuff anything inside your pants while owning one of these bags? Definitely.

The Org 14’s got you covered in every possible storage department – clubs, beverages, valuables, rain gear and even shoes if you need to.

We believe if storage is your ideal feature within a golf bag, if quality material and endurance are of importance to you and if you’re looking for an attractive design with eye-catching colors, as expected from any Callaway golf bag, then you are the perfect owner of the Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag – hands down. Yes, it will even fit your cart with its E-Trolley base system integration.

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review
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One of the bags with the most pockets and most effective storage functionality we have ever come across. If we had to pick only one reason to buy this bag, this is it. Yay from us!

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In Conclusion

The Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag will not disappoint with more than enough storage space, comfort and quality material used with its attractive design and construction. For the total value this bag offers, the price tag is by far totally justified and for any enthusiast, loyal supporter and user of Callaway Golf, this should merely be a formality.

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