Nike M9 II Cart Golf Bag Review

Nike M9 II Cart Golf Bag

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If you’re the kind of golfer who just has to have storage for your many golf accessories, you need one with more than two or three pockets.

More than one Nike M9 Cart Bag review has indicated the M9’s “pocket” convenience and this Nike M9 II cart golf bag review finds out for you what and how this particular Nike golf bag can offer golfers like you more than that convenience.

Most golf bags have similar features and vary almost always in price alone. There are relatively few golf bags that provide the “little things” that, believe it or not, customers who submit a Nike M9 Cart Bag review actually appreciate.

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And you thought that it couldn’t get any better when it comes to pockets in a golf bag, right? The M9 has 12 – yes, 12, you read that right – pockets that ensure you have got everything you need while you play.

A Dozen Pockets

Nike M9 II Cart Golf Bag - Blue

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Pockets in golf bags are nothing new, but how many brands can boast of 12 in total? We have to mention the value of these 12 pockets – nine of them zippered – because those are what make the Nike M9 II Cart Bag quite interesting and a factor to consider when deciding to purchase a golf bag.

You have a zip pocket molded for your cell phone for quick access; after all, most calls seems to come not just when you’re preparing to tee off but are on the course itself.

The M9 also has an integrated holder for tees that makes the difference for golfers who may consider them their lucky charms.

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There is a pocket for your sunglasses that is fleece-lined so the lenses don’t get scratched even when they are not in the case. You also have two full-length pockets for placing in face towels, an extra shirt, your headcover, and maybe even a small foldable umbrella if it rains.

This Nike model also has an insulated cooler pocket for golfers who like to sip water or juice between strokes, a convenience that most golfers appreciate especially during summer or on the hot days that they play. Pencils, scorecards, and your range finder can all be accommodated these nine pockets.

Don’t Get Wet and Mad, Get the M9 with the Rain Hood

Nike M9 II Cart Golf Bag - White/Green

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Rabid golfer or not, how many times have you played in the rain all snug and covered while your golf bag got drenched with water? The Nike M9 Cart II Bag has a matching raid hood to protect your grips and clubs even when you play in the rainiest of weather.

According to Darrell Surveys, 90% of golfers touring the world as pros, including those who play in the LPGA and the PGA, have rain hoods on their golf bags so why shouldn’t you? The M9’s rain hood goes on easily and quickly, even caddies love this innovation.

Features and Specifications

  • 14 full-length, individualized divider system for clubs and grips.
  • Tactile side-stop grips and Nike Strap Thru system for comfortable handling.
  • 12 pockets with nine of them zippered including one that is fleece-lined and water resistant.
  • Oval top measures 9.5 inches equipped with side grip handle and dual sided, 14-way top.
  • Integrated external putter.
  • Comes with a matching raid hood.
  • Zip-off pocket for golf ball.
  • Compatible with logo cresting.
  • With integrated pen sleeve, glove patch, and tee holder.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Nike M9 II Cart Golf Bag - Purple/Black

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Why isn’t it a surprise that no Amazon customer review gave this Nike sport cart bag one star? Simply because the M9 is a very good golf bag, according to its overall rating of 4.5 stars out of five by 18 of 28 customers who have purchased it. “Well designed” and “great functionality” were the words used by satisfied customer Jason Lee to describe the M9.

One customer said that she would have given the Nike M9 Cart Bag five stars but the she found the carrying strap a bit high and tilted the bottom apparently while she carried it.

Then again, she also mentioned that while spilling her clubs would only be a potential if she wasn’t careful when carrying it, this can be considered less of a manufacturing concern than a user’s issue.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Golfers who prefer to carry several accessories while at play should get the M9, the most accessory-friendly of all Nike cart golf bags to date. The M9 is also ideal for those who want both functionality and style in a golf bag.

Customers are raving about the cooler pocket, putter slot, and the dividers which go down all the way. Customer reviews nearly ran out of favorable adjectives to describe the M9.

Nike M9 II Cart Golf Bag Review
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A HUGE yay. Plenty of features. Attractive design. More than enough storage capacity. Fair price tag. What more do you need?

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Nike M9 II Cart Golf Bag - White/Red

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According to one Nike M9 Cart Bag review, this golf bag has so many options it cab be “almost overkill.” If you’re a shopper that bases a purchasing decision on customer reviews, the M9 is definitely for you.

If no customer even considered giving the M9 just one star, it must mean this is one golf bag you shouldn’t be without.

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