Ogio Grom Hybrid Stand Bag Review

Ogio Grom Hybrid Stand Bag Review - Ash_Black

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The Ogio Grom Hybrid Stand Bag has gotten a lot of good feedback online, and while there’s a glut of golf stand bags online, this product has managed to stand out on its own by providing all the essential features without sacrificing performance or dependability.

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Durable Built and Design

The Ogio Grom is built from top of the line polyester fabric, and the front handle is integrated. Apart from being durable the bag has a generously sized putter pit. Not only is the bag built for long term use, but its valuables pocket is made up of weather resistant fleece lines for extra protection.

Overall the bag is not just well designed but finely balanced as well.

With room for 14 golf clubs you don’t have to leave your favorites behind, and what’s more the slot for each goes completely through so your golf clubs won’t get stuck together. The built in rain cover functions as well as advertised and will keep your mobile phone dry in the valuables pocket.

Spacious Interior

The Grom is lighter than other golf stand bags but it doesn’t compromise when it comes to storage. There are six pockets, 4 of which are zipped plus the aforementioned valuables pocket, and it also has straps that function as shock absorbers. With the way the bag and the handle have been designed it’s easy to access the balls, and the spring loaded pouch at the bottom is convenient.

In addition, the inclusion of an insulated pouch for a 16 oz. soda or water bottle is really nice, and since it’s insulated they’re kept cold.

Features and Specifications

Ogio Grom Hybrid Stand Bag - Strilux_Burst

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  • The Ogio Grom Stand Bag has a shock absorber that enhances its durability.
  • The bag measures 10 x 36 x 12 inches and weighs 7 lbs.
  • There are six pockets in the bag.
  • The bag comes in different colors including Ash/Black, Buzz Saw Red, Deep Sea and more.
  • The bag’s legs may be strapped in so there’s no extension even when pressure is applied at the foot plate.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

This Ogio Grom Stand Bag review can also point out this product has an average Amazon rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. There have been a total of 64 customer reviews and 84% have awarded it 5 stars. 14% have given the bag 4 stars and 2% gave it 3 stars. Not one reviewer has seen it fit to give this 1 or 2 stars, a strong indication of its quality.

Shawn M. Englerth gave the Ogio 5 stars and says it’s a “great bag”. He goes on to say “everything goes nicely together” and he has no regrets with the purchase. He does have some minor complaints about the strap design, but overall is pleased with it. B.G. and Picard also gave the Ogio 5 stars for quality and function.

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Who Should Buy This Product?

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The Ogio Grom Golf Bag is the right product for you if you’re looking for golf bags that can remain upright even when full of balls and clubs. If you like to play with a lot of balls then you’re going to love its pockets that can hold up to 2 dozen balls and two dozen clubs.

Style wise the bag earns points as well, but this isn’t just all looks as it’s more than capable of meeting your demands. For once you get a golf bag that’s actually functional and works well as a stand bag and upright, handy if you need one or the other. It’s also worth noting the Ogio won’t flip over when full upright.

If you’re like most golfers you want access to your golf balls quickly, and the Ogio provides that with its pockets. But the difference here is the ball pouch doesn’t have zippers so you can take out one of those balls without anything falling off.

Ogio Grom Hybrid Stand Bag Review
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Wrapping Up Our Ogio Grom Hybrid Stand Bag Review

The Ogio Grom Hybrid Stand Bag has the features you would expect from a quality golf bag and so much more. With its multiple pockets and clever club holders, it’s your ideal companion when you’re out there playing.

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