Ping Traverse Golf Bag Review

The Ping Traverse Golf Bag is among the biggest selling bag, and you can verify this easily as almost always there are only a few left in stock. Its popularity can be attributed to its reasonable price and quality, and while several top-notch golf bags are now online, few of them offer the features that the Ping does for its price.

Ping Traverse Golf Bag ReviewThe feature set of the Ping alone makes it worthy of consideration, but aside from that the reviews above further demonstrate how effective the bag is when used in real life situations and applications.

Features and Specifications of Ping Traverse Golf Bag

  • The golf bag weighs about 5.5 lbs.
  • It also comes with a 14-way, polypropylene top designed for high impact use.
  • The Ping molded putter is designed to fit largely sized grips.
  • The Ping has 10 pockets, 3 slip and 7 zippered, more than sufficient for regular golfers.
  • The walls have anti-flex properties.
  • The Ping golf bag has been built with durability and stability in mind.
  • There is a built-in beverage pocket with insulation.
  • The built-in dividers are all air mesh and cushioned.


The biggest selling point of the Ping is probably its ten pockets. if you are new to the game chances are you’re going to want to carry several golf balls, perhaps your mobile phone, pencil, your scorecard, etc. If you’re going to carry these while you’re playing, it only makes sense to bring a bag with as many pockets as possible, and the Ping does not disappoint. However, there aren’t just a lot of pockets here, but they’re well placed and easily accessible.

Club Dividers

All golf bags have dividers, but some are better designed than others. The Ping dividers have been designed in such a way that your clubs won’t come into contact with each other, so you don’t have to keep checking your bag to see if any of them have suffered any damage.

Ping Traverse Golf Bag Divider System

While the club dividers are the main feature here, the Ping has other features related to this like the anti-flex walls and the air mesh that provide extra stability, and in the case of the beverage pocket, insulation.

Our Experience

The Ping has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It’s been reviewed by 27 customers with 89% awarding it 5 stars and 7% giving it 4 stars. The remaining 4% gave the Ping 2 stars. The one reviewer that gave the Ping 2 stars said the reason was her husband found it too big, meaning there was really nothing wrong with the golf bag per se.

The other Amazon customers were delighted with its performance, including Cathy Mitchell who awarded the golf bag 5 stars, saying that it’s “excellent” and that her husband enjoyed the bag’s spacious interior and how beautiful it looks. Another reviewer, Sherwood 4ust, also awarded the Ping 5 stars, noting how nice it was the club dividers went all the way down.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This golf club has proven popular with a lot of golfers who are searching for convenience without compromising quality and features. If you’ve been playing golf even for just a little while, you’ve probably had to deal with noisy clubs banging in your bag, so for the divider alone makes the Ping a notable product.

Ping Traverse Golf BagThis is also the best golf bag for you if you’re tired of carrying heavy bags: the Ping only weighs 5.5 lbs. And even when it’s filled up with your gear, it’s not going to be a burden. Another notable aspect of this bag is its versatility: the bag can fit an oversized putter grip, and the zippers on the outer pockets provide quick access to whatever it is you put in the bag.

We have highlighted here

  • Design
  • Overall Features
  • Storage
  • Price Tag

Wrapping Up Our Ping Traverse Golf Bag Review

The Ping Traverse Golf Bag faces stiff competition, but it holds up well thanks to an excellent design and builds. It does not have all the bells and whistles that other golf bags have, but when it comes to functionality, the Ping is right up there with the best of them.

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