Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag Review

Titleist 2014 Lightweight Stand Bag - Orange

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Keeping the brand Titleist in mind, what do Adam Scott, Jordan Spieth, Zach Johnson, Jimmy Walker, Victor Dubuisson and too many others to mention, all have in common?

Two things actually…

  1. They are all top ranked players.
  2. They trust and use Titleist equipment, including Titleist golf bags.

Does that say anything to you? Sure, they are sponsored; they get paid to use the brand that’s been around the golf course for a number of years.

However, would you associate yourself with a brand you’re not happy with, even if you get paid? We won’t count on it…

Our review of the 2015 Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag will dive deep into the features, thoroughly into the design and more than adequately into the benefits for its most loyal enthusiast and user. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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Feature-packed OR A Waste of Material?

Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag - Eggplant/Grey

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Unsurprisingly, Titleist Golf has never disappointed to provide more features than what most seasoned golfers would come to expect of such a reputable and trusted brand name.

The 2015 lightweight 14 way stand bag is no exception. Our honest opinion of the bag in a nutshell is if you don’t manage to find a pocket to fit whatever you want into the bag, then it probably doesn’t belong on a golf course.

  1. Hip Pad – A segmented mesh material hip pad for optimal air flow that integrates a pen/pencil holder so you can keep score.
  2. Strap System – A backpack-style 4-point carry system ensures one experiences maximum comfort carrying the bag through 18 holes, with the balance as good as it gets.
  3. Rainhood and Towel Ring – The bag has a metal towel ring made of lightweight aluminium, a matching rainhood as well as an umbrella strap for those rainy golf days ahead.
  4. Dry Grip Bottom – Designed for optimum balance, the dry grip bottom includes an assisting handle making this bag easy to handle when lifting in/out of a cart/vehicle.

Organizer System

Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag - Pink

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We’re pretty sure if you can read (no pun intended) than you already know and understood by reading the title of this article, that the Titleist 14-Way Stand Bag has 14 different top divider sections.

Some extremely picky golfers have noted they aren’t all that comfortable with only 4 full-length dividers from top to bottom to separate all the clubs. We feel it’s a pretty small price to pay for all the ton of other exceptional value this titleist 14 way stand bag provides.

Biggy (not bogey): The oval-shaped top-cuff ensures that the total weight of all clubs are distributed evenly. This makes carrying a fully fitted Titleist 14-way lightweight stand bag as comfortable as possible, like you’d only know once experienced.

The bag itself weighs only 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg) which means when fitted with a full set of clubs, including all other accessories you may need in the game, it can easily be managed by the average-sized golfer or caddy.

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Other Pockets & Storage

Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag - Navy/Citrus

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As mentioned earlier on, Titleist didn’t make an exception with the Titleist 14-way stand bag in terms of providing it with more than enough pockets to satisfy the most eager ratpacks out there.

With a total number of 11 pockets, of which 8 are closed (zipped) and 3 are open, we are quite sure you’ll find one amongst these to fit whatever you need. From a valuables pocket with a weather-resistant zipper as well as a key clip, through to a removable golf ball bag – it’s got you covered!

The Titleist 2015 lightweight stand bag wouldn’t have been what we regard as a bag of note had it not included a pocket or compartment to keep a few refreshments cool for around 18 holes or so. An insulated beverage pocket ensures you’re covered.

What We Dislike About The 2015 Titleist 14-Way Stand Bag

Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag - Red

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To be honest, this was the really hard part of writing this objective and honest Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag Review. We searched all over, read through all other reviews we could possibly find, trying to get other opinions beside our own. We wanted to highlight what the problems with this bag are so you could know in advance, before you buy, what you need to be prepared for.

Apart from small, little things such as a few users reasoning the bag could have had more D-rings for hanging towels as well as a couple of others saying the 11 pockets it has, isn’t enough, we are having extreme difficulty to understand or figure out why you may not want to get hold of the Titleist 14-way stand bag.

11 Pockets, not enough? Really? It’s only 18 holes at a time you know… We’re not gearing up for a 36-round-in-a-day expedition here, my friend. Anyway, that’s just our not-so-humble opinion. No offense intended.

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Who This Bag Will Serve Well

We are human beings with different preferences, in everything. Different needs from one human to another. We have different tastes in designs, different styles fancy our like-buds. Surely this bag will not fancy the liking of every golfer out there, so let’s make it simple and give you the highlights of this bag so you can quickly decide for yourself.

This bag is perfect for you if:

    Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag - Apple/Black

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  1. most importantly, you are a Titleist fan,
  2. secondly, a 14-way organizing system is on the top of your priority list,
  3. lightweight is another priority, which brings us to
  4. being able to comfortably carry this bag for 18 holes,
  5. you need enough pockets (11 in total) to take your essentials (and a bit more than you really need) along,
  6. you want an attractive design with a lot of colors to choose from,
  7. you may even want custom embroidery done, which Titleist is quite happy to take care of for you.
Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag Review
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If not, I think this is the bag with the best rating we have given thus far. More than enough storage, convenience, lightweight. Add a beautiful design to all that - we simply love it!

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Our Final Verdict

Over all, with nothing less than expected from Titleist, we believe the 2015 14-way lightweight stand bag will serve you long and hard for quite some time to come. It will happily carry all other essentials and valuables with a watertight smile as well as keep your refreshments cool for at least 18 holes.

Is it the best bag? Probably not. Is it the prettiest bag? Probably not either. Will it do the job? Most definitely, and then some.

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