Callaway Strata Review in 2024 for Mens and Womens

When browsing for a new set of golf clubs, you might find that choosing a specific set can be a hard task. Not only because there is a wide variety of models out there, but because you need a set that will fit your game style as well.

But within the many options that can be found out there, we uncovered a set of golf clubs that could work correctly for anyone regardless of their experience.

We are talking about none other than the Callaway Strata golf set. With durable and forgiving golf clubs, this set can be that special something you needed to one-up your game.

Top Callaway Strata Set Review For Men and Women 2024 Comparison Chart

NameFor Whom & Piece
Editor Choice

Callaway Men’s Strata
12 Piece
Callaway Men’s Strata UltimateMen
18 Piece
Callaway Men’s Strata plusMen
16 Piece
Editor Choice

Callaway Women Strata Ultimate
16 Piece
Callaway Women’s StrataWomen
11 Piece
Callaway women’s Strata PlusWomen
14 Piece

 Callaway Men’s Strata Reviews 2024 

Callaway Men’s Strata

Male and female golfers have different needs, so having an option for each gender is a great way to fulfill the requirements of one without ignoring the needs of the other.

The Callaway Men Strata set does have a few notable differences when compared to the Women’s Strata model. For starters, the clubs are a bit heavier on the head which allows you to add a bit more power to your swings.

Additionally, you can notice that the shafts are longer by an inch or two. This is because on average, female golfers tend to be a bit shorter than male golfers.

You can also see that the color scheme is a bit darker, with a black and red design on the bag and the clubs.

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set Review (12- Piece)

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set (12- Piece) comes with every necessary clubs and tool that a professional need to hit the golf court. It includes everything, be it a driver, five hybrids, stainless steel cavity back iron and what not!

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete 12 Piece Package Set

The product is meant for whom?

The product is highly recommendable for professional men players. All the men folks out there who are looking for a golf set that can helps to maximum performance, Callaway men’s Strata is made for them as it helps men golfers’ to maximize their performance.

Noteworthy features

Total pieces:

The Callaway Men’s Strata 12 –piece golf set includes nine clubs and two head covers. These nine clubs are sturdy enough and well designed to give anyone to get the maximum result. This makes it any professionals’ favorite.

Driver made with graphite:

The driver comes with a shaft made off composite graphite to give the perfect length a player might want to take longer shots. The head is pretty large but when hitting the ball the impact is very minimal. You will definitely enjoy the smooth contact it makes. Overall it’s very steady and easily achieves the distance, height and accuracy needed.

Perfectly balanced Irons:

If you are looking for increasing the distance of your shot a little more, this golf set come a well balanced forged steel shaft with well-built body that’s designed with a better aerodynamics to improve the path of flight the ball travels to.

Well built Hybrid:

If you use the hybrids for taking the longer shots that will pierce between any trees and other obstructions, this hybrids are just made for you. Because no other hybrid will give so much confidence or feel of superior control per say like this one. In fact, it’s designed for highest accuracy and forgiveness so even an amateur player wouldn’t have a hard time improving his games

Putter for comfortable putts:

You don’t need to spend that much time with the putter to understand how comfortable and useful the putts can be with it. It has a T shaped Mallet design which makes it very easy for putts over a great distance and even on the ground that has many incline or slopes.


  • This golf set provides both left and right-hand features.
  • Provides head covers.
  • The Wedges are made of stainless steel cavity back irons.
  • The stand bag is light weighted and provides rain hood.
  • The graphite shafts can be found in uniflex.


  • The driver is a bit harder.

Final Verdict

The Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set is perfect for men golfers. It provides nine clubs and head covers within a budget.

If you are not a fast swinger, I would say then you can definitely go for it. It comes with fantastic packaging. The stand bag is also matched with a male golfer’s persona. So, it’s a great buy.

Callaway Strata Ultimate Review for Mens Complete Golf Set (18-Piece)

Callaway has been a leading manufacturer of golf accessories, and all of their golf sorts are extremely popular for the versatility and performance it provides in the golf course. Combined with high flight technology and stainless steel irons clubs, this golf set will simply amaze you with its control over the shots and the distance. Let’s learn more about it!

Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set 18-Piece

This product is designed for whom?

It’s made for the beginner players who want a golf set that includes all kinds of clubs and accessories. People who used to play golf once and want to start again can revive their passion with this complete golf set.

Noteworthy Features and Benefits:


There was a time you had to be worried about things like launch angle and amount if you were someone who are yet to achieve the swing speed that makes the most accurate of the shot. Well, not anymore because the modern 460cc titanium drivers are all equipped to take away all your hesitations and let you have a better swing. The titanium driver that comes with this complete golf set is just the thing you need if you are still struggling with the accuracy of your swing.

Fairway woods

If you are struggling with hitting the ball off the tee and causing you a serious amount of doubt over your swing and golf skills overall, the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set has two excellent drivers with to restrict you from the over swinging and help with the distance. It comes with both the 3 wood and 5 woods so if you want to cover more distance then you can go with the 5 wood and take a satisfyingly easy swing.


Can seem to get enough height with your swings and struggling to clear the greens? Well, say no more, because the 4-Hybrid, 5-Hybrid included in this golf set has successfully manipulated the weight to be more on the side of the face to let your drive to generate more height.

Accessories and bag:

Although the quality of the bag is not among the best of quality but you cannot complain about it because the 18 piece strata set comes with tee holders, a rain hood, six pockets, and a carry back strap and it has included a stand bag as well. Also, the Woods and hybrids come with head covers which are a total win for you.


  • The clubs are lightweight but firm in the hands.
  • It is helpful when taking complex swing and shots
  • The aerodynamically designed golf bag clubs are high quality.
  • Everyone can use the bag, be it a professional or beginner.


  • The bag is a bit heavier.

Final verdict

The 18 piece golf set is just too good for starting your golf journey from scratch. Whichever level you are in right now, it can help you become a professional over time. The shortcoming of the golf bag is too negligible for the price ranges it.

Callaway Men’s Strata plus Complete Golf Set (16-Piece)

Golf set is the first thing we need when we are about to start playing golf. As a beginner, it should be our priority is to find out the best golf set for taking impressive swings and pots to impress your peers. Callaway Men’s Strata plus it comes with pretty much everything you might need in a complete golf set.

Callaway Men's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set 16-Piece

This product is designed for whom?

The golf set is specially designed for beginner male golfers. Its driver’s shaft is so flexible that it makes the game much easier for the beginners. It is also very good at taking away that mental pressure you feel when you planning your next move in the course It provides everything you need.

Noteworthy features and benefits

Full club set

Callaway Men’s Strata plus Complete Golf Set comes with a full set of 16 excellent clubs while most other golf sets for beginners comes with just 8 or 12 clubs with them. Due to this extreme versatility of this particular golf set, it can fit in for any kind of shots you might need to play in the ground.

The materials which are used to design these clubs are premium grade and they can take lots of mishandling which is very common for a beginner golfer who is just starting out there in the golf course

Well-designed and lightweight

It’s a good choice for a beginner golfer due to its well built and lightweight design which allows even the newest of the player to take a more powerful shot they can even possibly think of. The titanium made wood allows the shots to achieve the accuracy you are looking for and the light construction is very easy to take it along when playing

Better control due to use of latest technology

Gone are the days when you used to depend solely on your skill to achieve a better control over the shot. The Callaway uses a special technology called high flying technology in all of their iron and hybrids which allows you to have a better control over the path of flight the ball travels as you can control the height as you want to.

Affordable Price

Even though it may not seem so at a first glance ff you consider the quality of the clubs and drivers and overall number of items you are getting with this complete golf set, the price isn’t that much to be honest.


  • The bag is durable and has a black strap that helps to carry around accessories easily.
  • Its weighted heads on the iron have a higher impact on the ball.
  • The putter is smoother than other sets.
  • The bag is self-standing and has vast space.
  • Drivers, putters and the irons are scratch proof.


  • The weight may become an issue for you when you are playing for a long time.

Final verdict

Callaway has earned their reputation for putting years of researches, so it does not compromise in quality and craftsmanship. Overall it’s a complete set that is not too high in price.

A wrong selection of the golf set can quickly become a disaster for you. You need to go for the better golf set so that nothing stops you from learning to swing better

  Callaway Strata Women’s Review 2023 

Callaway Women’s Strata

As we mentioned earlier, the Women’s Strata set has shorter club shafts. These shafts are also more flexible, which can be used to your advantage when swinging.

Plus, the light blue accents on the bag and the clubs give the whole set a lighter tone.

Bear in mind that if you find the Men’s Strata more comfortable, you might want to go for those instead.

Callaway Strata Ultimate Women’s Review – Complete Golf Set (16 – Piece)

The Callaway Women Strata Ultimate Complete 16- Piece golf set is what we call is every female golfer’s dream came true. It provides the golfers with all types of clubs that is essential for playing good shots. All the clubs have a fantastic grip as well.

Like any other professional golf sets, it also has platinum drive, iron wedges putter and a very stylish carry bag. In one word, the 16- piece golf set is a complete solution.

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set 16-Piece Right Hand

The product is meant for whom?

The product is for professional female golfers. Female golfers who are looking for a perfect golf set with different types of clubs it is made in heaven for them. The product is budget friendly with fantastic quality.

Noteworthy features

A much reliable grip

We often talk about clubs and woods and think that’s enough for getting a better result on the field, but we often forget the fact that it’s all about how well we are able to handle them in the end. You can have the best clubs in the world but if the grip isn’t up to the mark, in the end, it will have no use for you.

The Callaway women strata ultimate comes with a much comfortable grip for the ladies which allow them to take better shots.

Titanium made driver

Well, we all know that Callaway always goes the extra miles when it comes to the material of their clubs and irons.

So if you have used the titanium-made shaft of drivers or heard of it, the designer team of Callaway takes it even a step further this time with these perfect 16 pieces set. It comes with a fully titanium made driver!

High Flight Technology

When it comes to an improving distance for the golfers, the Callaway is the to-go solution for the most golfers because their high flight technology is able to improve the distance and the accuracy in even the newest of the player.

So if your daughter or daughter in law is looking to up their game, this is the recommended complete golf set for them.


  • It comes with a variety of irons.
  • It is light-weighted.
  • It comes with a stand bag.
  • All the clubs provide fascinating grips.
  • It has four head covers for clubs.
  • The clubs are finely packaged for extra protection.
  • The putter is very comfortable.
  • The driver is light-weighted, and titanium made.
  • It has right-hand features.


  • It is a bit pricey compared to other golf sets.

Final verdict

Callaway’s amazing 16- piece golf set is a bit pricey, but the price is certainly worth it. It provides the female golfers all the necessary clubs and other types of gears. So if you can overlook the price and want something that has all the clubs that a professional female golfer might need, then you can go for it.

Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set (11- piece)

We all know how hard it is for a female golfer to get a complete golf set. There is a very handful of choices for women’s who are looking for an excellent golf set. But the Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf set is here to help the female golfers to cover the distance accurately when playing. It is a stylish 11- piece golf set which will complement any female player and their game as well.

Callaway Women's Strata Complete Golf Set 11-Piece

This Product is designed for whom?

It is basically designed for beginner female golf player. All the female golfers who are planning to start playing golf they can go for this product. This 11 piece golf set provides a female beginner with all kind of necessary golf clubs within a very affordable price range than most high-end club products.

Noteworthy Features

Versatile Hybrid 5H

It is very useful for a female golfer who suffers regularly with long irons. as it has Hybrid 5H features. It helps to get shots more efficiently instead of making you suffer and hit difficult shots square on the earth. It also provides head cover as well.

A complete set

It includes a driver, a wedge, a fairway wood, a hybrid, two irons, a putter & a stand bag as well as three head covers. The 11 piece golf set is a complete set for beginners. It’s all they need for getting started in the game.


Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set comes with a putter. This putter is a T-styled mallet, and it comes with an impressing alignment. The putter helps to get that accuracy you need while putting the ball into holes.

Carry bag

Most importantly The 11 – piece golf set comes with a standing carry bag. The carry bag has a durable strap to use it as a bag pack as well so you can carry it easily. The bag has five convenient pockets and also a rain hood and cooler pocket too.

The Built and design

It has seven clubs, and all the clubs are really good quality and made with high-quality materials like titanium and steel. It comes with three head covers and one carry bag along with seven clubs.

Left and right-hand feature

The 11 piece golf set comes with both the features- left hand and the right hand as well. So its useful for everyone regardless of their style.


  • The product is very light-weight and easy to carry.
  • Provides seven clubs which is more than enough for a beginner.
  • It has both left and right-hand features.
  • It has a very stylish look.
  • It has graphite shaft, generous head as well as hybrid.


  • It provides no pitching wedge.

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Final Verdict

Except for a few shortcomings which are not that much important either, the whole package is pretty good. It can help a player from the very beginning of their journey with its amazing finishing and quality. So, for all the female newcomers in golf this 11 – piece Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf set is a fantastic budget-friendly deal.

Strata women’s Strata Plus Review (14-Piece Complete Set)

The strata plus 14- piece complete set from Callaway is a new addition in their woman golfer’s collection. It is a perfect solution for female players who are struggling to enter into the world of golf.

The Strata -14 piece complete golf set comes with a driver alongside with a graphite shaft. The shaft includes 50hybrid, t shaped puller with a very stylish bag and many more.

Strata 2015 Womens Strata Plus 14-Piece Complete Set

The product is meant for whom?

This product is meant for female golfers who are not satisfied with their current performance and wants to improve. The beginner female golfers face various problems like inability to take a decent shot or swing. This complete -14 piece golf set is made especially for avoiding those situations their problems during playing.

Noteworthy features

Perfect for gifting someone

Do you have a sister or daughter in law who loves playing golf and shares the passion with you but also looking to get started in the golf? Or someone you know is struggling to improve their range a bit more? Then you can gift this super golf set without any doubt! Because this golf set is not only going to improve their accuracy but also gives them a better control as well!

Forgiving and large sweet spot

It comes with a very smooth and well crafted 460cc club. As a beginner player, it is very common to be frustrated t not able to take a shot or miss a drive at the first attempt. But the graphite made shaft combined with a very large sweet spot let you have your best drive even when you are not prepared for it. This is what makes this golf set so unique.

Progressive sole width technology

Mishits are very common for beginner players and it just takes only one mishit to ruin both your game and mood. But this golf set has used an impressive technology called progressive sole width technology in its clubs and drivers to minimize the mishit and ensure a better control for the female golfers.

A lightweight bag

You certainly don’t want to strain your shoulder carrying a bag that weights a lot. So keeping that in mind, the stand bag that comes with it is very light and easy to carry around.


  • The clubs comes with rain hood to protect the clubs.
  • It’s very cheap compared to other golf sets.
  • The stand bag looks impressive and has comfortable straps to carry.
  • Driver, hood, and hybrids come with head covers.
  • The clubs are very light weighted.


  • The padding of the carry bag is a bit thin.
  • The 3-wood is absent on the set.

Final verdict

The golf set is perfect for those female golfers who are very new in the world of golf. For them, it can be a good deal considering its affordable price and very superior quality.

Though it may not be that useful for the professionals as it comes with only ten clubs a beginner, it can be perfect for the beginners. So the choice is up to you

Key Features of Callaway Strata Golf Set

How can this set make a difference on the field? Well, this set comes with a high variety of clubs that can be incredibly useful for both experienced and new players. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features.

Complete and Versatile Set

If you are looking for a complete and reliable set that includes every kind of golf club you will need on the field, the Callaway Strata is the go-to option.

The Callaway Men’s Strata set includes a driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, four irons, two wedges, a putter, five headcovers and a high-quality stand bag.

The Callaway Women’s Strata on the other hand has 16 pieces. In the set, you can find a single driver, a fairway wood, two hybrids, four irons, two wedges, a putter, fours headcovers and a lightweight stand bag.

If you keep on reading, you will find a Callaway Women’s Strata review that will give you a better idea on what are the difference between these two sets and why there is a specific model for each gender.

In the meantime, let’s get a closer look at the clubs included, shall we?


Since it is made from titanium, this driver can endure strong hits without a problem. Additionally, this 45-inch driver is very forgiving; thanks to a more prominent sweet spot.

Considering this and the 12-degree loft angle this driver has, you will be able to get the ball all the way to the green without much effort.

Fairway Wood

This club brandishes an aerodynamic design which allows you to swing faster without much effort. To help distribute the power of the swing, it also comes with a graphite shaft, which will let the whole power of the swing go onto the ball without sacrificing accuracy.


If you don’t think that the irons can do the job, but still feel like the wood is a bit of an overkill, this hybrid club can be a good option. Additionally, this club can be the perfect tool to get the ball out of the rough.

Irons and Wedges

In this wide arrangement of irons and wedges, you can find the perfect club to deal with those hard angles and rough shots that require a specific approach to get through them.


Last but not least, we have the putter. This club can help you reach the perfect balance between accuracy and distance; thanks to the alignment marks.

Highly Durable Clubs

Both beginners and experts need a set of durable and reliable golf clubs. You don’t want your golf club to snap right in the middle of a serious game or a routine practice run, right?

Well, this set of golf clubs won’t give you this problem.

The driver is entirely made out of titanium, which gives it the resistance it needs to endure even the toughest of swings. The stainless-steel irons are strong but forgiving, which makes them perfect for beginners.

The woods and the hybrids brandish a graphite shaft with a stainless-steel head, which will result in a smooth, powerful and forgiving swing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that even after reading about all the features and the different clubs included, you may still have a few questions.

Because of this, we decided to include on the article some of the most frequent questions users have about this set, so you won’t have to go anywhere else to get your questions answered!

  • Q: I noticed that neither the bag or the clubs have “Callaway” written on them, should I be worried?

Ans: Not at all! This set does belong to the Callaway line and although the name is nowhere to be seen it is still a great set of irons for both amateurs and professionals.

  • Q: Why is there a version for men and women?

Ans: As we mentioned in the Callaway Men’s Strata review section of this article, men and women have different needs when it comes to golf clubs.

For example, the Callaway Men Strata golf clubs are heavier and stiffer than the clubs of the Callaway Women Strata. Plus, the length of the irons may vary depending on if it’s the Men or Women version of the Strata set.

  • Q: At which height should I go for a petite size set instead of a standard size set of the Callaway Women Strata model?

Ans: The average recommended size for the petite set is between 4″ and 4.9″.

  • Q: At which height should I go for a customized set of clubs instead of purchasing the Callaway Men Strata set?

Ans: As you may probably know, professional golfers may need to find the ideal club set for their height. The Callaway Men Strata may be perfect for you if your height is between 5” and 5” 9.

  • Q: Can the clubs be cut down if they are not the right size for me?

Ans: Yes, they can be cut down, but we recommend that you visit a professional to do this. If the clubs are not cut in the right way, the integrity of the shaft can be compromised.

Wrapping on our Callaway Strata Review 2024

We know that deciding on the perfect golf club set may not be easy, but we hope that after reading this Callaway Strata review, you found the ideal golf club set for you.

Let us know what kind of set you would want us to review next!

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