Best Golf Bags For The Money 2018 | Top 13 Golf Bag Reviews and Guide

Which is the Best Golf Bag of 2018?

​You’re an enthusiastic golfer (I can tell…), looking to find yourself a decent golf bag among the best to carry your clubs and other apparel. However, with so many choices to choose from, it surely isn’t an easy task finding the best golf bags on the market. Our intention is to simplify that process for you with our unbiased, detailed and honest reviews of the golf bags out there.
best golf bags

There are so many different kinds of golf bags; it is easy to become overwhelmed by the choices. There is no need for that. Let us break it down for you so that you can determine the golf bags for your needs. There are excellent bags for serious competitors, recreational golfers, women’s golf bags, juniors and kid’s golf bags just to name a few.

​As much fun as it is to look at the golf bags of our day and time, we need to appreciate what big a role golf is playing in our human society and the exact extent of it. Golf is a global game enjoyed by approximately 80 million people on over 40,000 courses. It is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed at any age and ability. The sport/game of golf is growing with more and more women and children getting into it around the world.

There is a lot of equipment that goes along with playing golf, namely the different types of clubs from drivers to putters to wedges. You will need golf specific shoes, balls, tees and a place to keep it all. The golf bag is often overlooked when one is assembling the necessary equipment to play the game, but it should be given careful consideration because of how important it will become to the enjoyment of playing.

Again, there are many different types of bags with numerous features to suit any golfer, whether you are a competitive tournament goer, casual business player, young, old, male or female. Finding the best golf bags is easy when you know what you are looking for and have determined how you will use the bag. Then it’s just a matter of learning about the different features, types of bags and reading a few golf bag reviews. That’s where we come in!

Features Of Best Golf Bags

If you are new to the game learning, the lingo is an important first step before you buy a golf bag or any equipment for that matter. When it comes to the bag that will hold everything, here is what you will be considering before you choose yours:


These are where the clubs are stored and depending on the type of bag, have three or four, but can have up to 14. Most golf bags keep the club heads separately to make​​​​ it easy to find the club you need quickly. Higher end golf bags have full-length dividers meaning they keep the clubs completely separate from top to bottom. Ogio has their famous and highly effective Woode System to keep their clubs organized in models such as the Ogio Zone Stand Bag and the Ogio Vaporlite Stand Bag.

Putter Well

This important space keeps the putter from damaging the shafts of the other clubs and protects the putter head.


Some bags have only one or two while others have a dozen with zippers and velcro to keep them closed. There is usually a pocket for small valuables like your phone, and having an insulated cooler pocket for your water bottle and snacks is a nice feature. Bigger bags have a space for your shoes, maybe an umbrella, and rain apparel.

Straps and Handles

There will be one big main strap or a backpack style with two straps. Padding and durability are important.

Umbrella holder, rain hood, towel ring

These ensure you have all your necessities handy to keep you and your clubs clean and dry.

Types of Golf Bags

Below is a table of what we regard to be the current golf bags from each golf bag category, namely ​​Cart golf bags, Stand golf bags, Carry golf bags, Sunday golf bags and finally, Travel golf bags or covers as they are also known as.

We’ll Be Looking At

  • Cart Golf Bags – For the serious golfer, with lots of tricks in the bag.
  • Stand Golf Bags – Everything easily accessible but not using a cart (yet?).
  • Carry Golf Bags – Exercise with today’s modern technology used in carry systems is a healthy option.
  • Sunday Golf Bags – Taking only the necessary? Practicing a particular stroke? Only 5 clubs needed?
  • Travel Golf Bags – Playing away from home? Touring?

Cart Golf Bags

This is the bag for competitive golfers, those who play regularly and always ride in a golf cart or use a push/pull cart to navigate the course. These bags are the heaviest, but also the roomiest with the most pockets for your gear. Look for a bag with easy access to the pockets so you can quickly get reach your water bottle or a new ball, like the TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag to keep those beers cool, and the Nike M9 II Cart Golf Bag praised for its “pocket convenience” all over the show. You should also have at least one valuables pocket for your wallet, keys and cell phone. An insulated cooler pocket will keep your drinks and snacks cold.

Nike Performance Cart Bag
Nike Performance Cart Bag

​The higher end cart bags will have individual full-length dividers to keep clubs totally separated, as the Ping DLX Cart Bag does or of course, the old classic, the Bag Boy Revolver LTD 14-Way Cart Bag, which has 14 of these. ​The Nike Performance Cart II​ is a top-seller with this feature, plus an integrated putter well. Its rotating top makes it easy to find each specific club and extract it quickly.

Your cart bag should have lots of handles, especially on the sides near the top to make lifting it in and out of your car and on and off the cart, easier. These types of bags need only a single strap since you won’t be walking far with it, but it should be nicely padded for comfort.

There is really no significant difference in design between a men's golf bag and a women's golf bag designed for cart use. Sometimes the women's’ bags having a slightly shorter strap is all. The colors are really what set the two apart. Pastel pink and purple bags with flowery designs are not big sellers among the male set.

Stand Golf Bags

A stand bag is designed to be used on a cart or carried. This type of bag has two retractable legs to keep it off the ground either completely upright or canted (at an angle for easier club extraction). When the bag is upright, the legs retract smoothly against it.

Titleist 14 Way Lightweight Stand Bag

​The stand itself should be attached at the top of the bag and extend down with a wide stance to keep the bag from tipping over easily. Stand bags with the legs attached halfway down tend to break more easily.

If it is a single strap carry bag, one with a hip pad offers more comfort while walking. There are many with double straps, or backpack style, to more evenly distribute the weight across your body. The Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Golf bag also has a ventilated die-cut air mesh back pad to help keep you cool when carrying it.

Most stand bags have fewer pockets to lighten your load, but you should get one with a place for valuables, a water bottle holder and space for a light jacket, such as the Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag does.

You can put a stand bag on a pull cart or golf cart, just be careful not to damage the legs when strapping it on.

Carry G​​​​​olf Bags

These golf bags are designed for the golfer who likes to walk the course. They are usually very lightweight, and most have legs (though usually not retractable) to keep the bag upright.
Nike Hybrid Carry II Stand Bag
The carry bag is very minimalist with only room for the essentials, although a bag such as the Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Golf Bag holds nothing back with a 9.5 inch oval top and a 14 way, full-length divider system with putter well. Look for one with at least two dividers, a valuables pocket and a water bottle holder that will keep your drinks cold for the entire 18 holes, as the Nike Performance Hybrid does with a smile. A pocket that you can stash a light jacket in is a good idea, too.

Carry bags are great for recreational golfers who might only be playing nine holes or those who just want more freedom to move about quickly and get some exercise. They also make a great first golf bag for kids and juniors.

A carry bag is where you will find the most differences between a men’s golf bag and a women’s carry golf bag. Since women are generally shorter, they should look for a bag that has adjustable straps that will accommodate a narrower frame.

A Little more about the Nike Performance Hybrid Carry/Stand Bag

The Nike Performance Hybrid carry golf bag integrates all the best features of a carry bag with a stand in a lightweight and sleek design. The fourteen full-length dividers make getting clubs in and out easily, and the majority of pockets are conveniently accessible while you are walking with it. The nicely padded revolving double strap system makes it easy to carry while the die cut ventilated mesh back pad keeps your back cool while you are carrying it.

The pockets are big enough to accommodate some extra gear like a raincoat but compact enough to discourage overloading the bag so that it doesn’t get too heavy on the back nine.

If you’ve read about the Nike Hybrid golf bag anywhere else, you’ve likely already been given an excellent impression of it by other users all over the place.​

Sunday Golf Bags

The Sunday bag gets its name from the era when people strictly observed the Sabbath and did not work. As such, if the fellas wanted to play golf all the caddies had the day off, and they had to carry their own bags. This necessitated having a very small lightweight bag one could easily tote around the entire course.

Callaway Hyper Lite 5 stand bag

​Sunday bags usually only have two or three dividers at the most and very few pockets. This is a good thing because on the back nine that bag can start to get heavy. You’ll regret bringing anything extra. The Callaway Hyper-Lite 5 stand bag has all the features of a good Sunday bag but only weighs two pounds:

  • ergonomic straps with soft mesh padding
  • 3-way divider for clubs
  • apparel and velour-lined valuables pockets
  • water bottle pocket

The stand keeps the bag off the ground, so you don’t have to bend over to pick it up (good for senior golfers) or have your club heads on wet grass. The Callaway Hyper-Lite 5 makes a great golf bag for kids since they only need a few clubs anyway. It comes in a variety of fun colors, and at a very budget-friendly price, too. No sense in investing a lot of money in a bag your little Phil Mickelson or Michelle Wie will soon be outgrown, right?

Travel Golf Bags

If you are traveling to compete in a tournament, rental clubs just won’t due. A good travel golf bag is a must and here is what you should look for in one.

Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover
  • Large enough to completely enclose your golf bag and club heads.
  • A firm and padded top to protect your club heads.
  • Luggage or in-line skate style wheels to make transporting through the airport easier.
  • Padded reinforced handles for easy in handling.
  • Extra external pockets for your shoes and other gear.

Invest in as good of a travel golf bag as possible to protect your equipment through baggage claim. The Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover bag offers an internal compression strap to stabilize your golf bag inside the travel bag to offer even greater protection for your clubs. It has a lockable zipper for added security and is easy to maneuver thanks to the

Final Verdict

Golf is a wonderful game and fun sport for almost anyone. Having a good golf bag that suits your particular needs as a player is essential for maximum enjoyment of the game. Now that we’ve covered all the bag basics you are ready to get yours. Reading golf bag reviews that detail the specific features of each bag and offer real-world information from actual users will help you find the best golf bags for your needs.

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