Ogio Nimbus Stand Bag Review

The Ogio Nimbus Stand Bag may look like your typical golf stand bag, but it’s actually brimming with features that have made it one of the top sellers in the Ogio line and on the market.

Of course, there are a lot of other quality bags online so why should you settle for this one? Let’s take a look at the two features and why it’s head and shoulders over the rest of the pack.

Features and Specifications Of Ogio Nimbus Stand Bag

  • The bag weighs 3.6 lbs.
  • The Ogio Nimbus Comes with 9″ 7-way Holster Performance top with a compact handle and side putter pit.
  • The Nimbus comes with a cart strap channel.
  • The Nimbus SHOXXTM X4 Suspension System makes it more comfortable to carry.
  • Built-in shoulder pads make it easier to use.
  • There is a valuables pocket with weatherproof fleece lining.
  • The pit handle is integrated with the 9.5″ Woode top.

OGIO Golf Men's Nimbus Stand Bag

9″ 7-way Holster Performance

The 9″ 7-way Holster Performance top, integrated handle and side putter pit gives the Nimbus the edge when this bag comes to handling and performance. The way the golf bag has been constructed reduces the possibility of your golf clubs colliding, and there are several pockets here to store golf balls, tees and other items that you plan to carry. However, the benefits of the Holster doesn’t end there since the fleece resistant pocket adds another level of usefulness.

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The SHOXXTM X4 full suspension system was added to the bag to help even out the load, and it certainly does the job. One of the most general complaints among golfers is that when these bags are loaded, it gets too heavy and difficult to move and carry. With the SHOXXTM X4, you will be more comfortable carrying the bag, and the SHOXXTM shoulder pads come with advanced molding that adds to the comfort level.

The support that the Nimbus provides is obviously one of the reasons why it’s become popular, and couple that with the 9″ 7-way Holster Performance, and you’ve got a reliable golf bag to accompany you anywhere on the course.
Who Should Buy This Product?

You’ve probably come across a lot of Ogio golf bags on market and wondering what makes this any different. Well, this golf bag should be right up your alley if you’re after comfort. The key here is the SHOXXTM X4 full suspension system discussed earlier in the features section, as this makes a big difference if you’re having trouble carrying golf bags.

If you have spent any time on a golf course, you will be aware of just how essential it’s to have a reliable bag, and that is what the Nimbus is. Most of the today’s bags either don’t provide the capacity you need or when they do, become unwieldy and impossible to handle. Ogio put a lot of thought into the design of the Nimbus, so it has room to store all your golf clubs and gear without being a burden.

Here we are highlighted Ogio Nimbus Stand Bag Review

  • Design
  • Overall Features
  • Storage

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Wrapping Up Our Ogio Nimbus Stand Bag Review

The Ogio Nimbus Stand Bag has more than enough features to make it stand out from among the multitudes on the market today. This golf bags design is not without shortcomings, but overall it does the job well and without any fuss. While there are a lot of other golf bags today, the Nimbus is worthy of consideration owing to its reasonable price and design.

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