Ogio Woode System – What’s The Fuss?

One of the most challenging features to actualization in a golf bag is the club organizer, but the Ogio Woode System has gotten this right by actually arranging your golf clubs instead of just using compartmentalization.

Since Ogio came out with its system, other golf bag manufacturers have tried to copy its setup, but in spite of this, Ogio has managed to remain on top.

The Woode Management System

The Woode system stands out from the rest because of its unique implementation. Instead of the usual symmetrical dividers, the Woode utilizes an asymmetrical layout that keeps the woods section on one area of the bag. There are also separate compartments for each hybrid or wood while the irons are placed at the bag’s opposing sides. With this setup, it’s easier to find and get the specific golf club you want.

The benefits of this set up can be seen when you use one of their products like the Vaporlite for instance. With that bag, you get specific spots for hybrids or woods, and there are also compartments for your wedges and irons. When your clubs are placed inside an Ogio Woode Golf Bag, it’s easy to see the clubs and take out what you need.

Ogio Woode System Arrangement

Another benefit of this system is when you’re walking you can drape an arm over the irons, helping reduce clutter. Through the years Ogio has tweaked the system and improved various aspects, a good example of which is the Ozone where the dimensions of the hybrid and wood have been reduced, and the iron compartments increased. This is a significant change and a welcome one too as it eliminates club tangling altogether.

The newer Woode systems also have shaft separators that for all intents and purposes function as iron compartment nubs. As you walk the nubs, don’t really offer any separation but when you put the bag down, the nubs let you push the clubs and keep them there.

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The ARC Lite Stand System

An integral part of the Ogio Woode Top system is the ARC Lite Stand System. Basically what this does is use the newly designed legs in an arced motion, effectively giving you extra clearance to cut down on entanglement on the leg when you’re returning it to the carry position. When combined with the Woode club organizer it makes for a more effective and functional golf bag.

The new system also does away with the old rounded legs, and in its place uses extruded aluminum that provides extra stability. But since the legs are aluminum they don’t add a lot to the weight, crucial when your golf bag is packed with clubs and other gear.

The importance of these powerful but lightweight legs cannot be overstated. While the Woode club system is very effective, it can only go so far if the rest of the bag is not well built. For this reason, it’s good to see that Ogio took care of this aspect as well. With other golf bags you always have to deal with instability, and often the legs flop around or don’t extend fully. With the Ozone and all the later Ogio golf bags, this is no longer an issue.

Shoulder Straps

Once you’ve got your clubs organized in the Woode system, you’ll have an easy time carrying it thanks to its Lite Shoulder Strap System. On the surface, it might look similar to other ones on the market, but that’s not the case at all since this is a dual strap carry system and is well padded. These straps are comfortable to use even if your bag is full of clubs and they’re easy to secure and adjust as well. What’s even better is that the straps don’t need a lot of adjustment and work fine out of the box.

The Ogio Woode System has become the standard by which other golf bags are measured and with good reason. The innovative approach to organization makes it easy to find and get the club you need, and there’s no need to be concerned about any damage to your clubs. But as we’ve shown in this review the Woode System doesn’t stand alone, as the other features on Ogio golf bags enhance its functions and versatility.

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