TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag Review

What do Adidas Golf, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Jason Day, Martin Kaymer and Dustin Johnson all have in common? Read our TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag Review and find out.

That’s right – they all haven’t blinked an eyelid before agreeing to associate their names with the TaylorMade Golf brand.

​Did you know one of them not only associated themselves with the brand that Gary Adams started building since 1979, but even acquired it back in late 2005? Of course, we’re referring to Adidas Golf.

One thing’s for sure – they can’t all be wrong about something that clearly works, right?

Oh, before we get into the meat of things and get on with our TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag review, we have to mention that the bag mostly ranks on the market best sellers list for golf cart bags. Impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s drive right in and look at the prestigious TaylorMade Catalina Bag, shall we?

Features Of TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag

Storage pockets: What Can I Bring Along?

Normally a cart bag can be categorized as a regular, large or a tour bag. A regular can barely handle the minimum. The large one can easily handle the essentials with a pocket or two for extras. The tour bag, however, well, can handle a number of essentials, a couple of extras and then some.

While the TaylorMade Catalina certainly does not fall into the tour bag category, it really does handle all the basics and even a couple of extras quite easily.

Yes, perhaps not the most lightweight bag around, weighing in at approximately 7 lbs, but it sure isn’t a heavy lifter tour bag either.

Does this mean it compromises on other essential pockets holding a couple of beers err. (just kidding) I meant to say balls, tees, valuables, a jacket, umbrella even? Not even close.

TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag

The Catalina accommodates no less than 9 pockets including one that easily keeps 5 beers cold enough for 18 holes fitted on the side, including three pockets on the front for easy access. Furthermore, there are two generous side pockets, a top pocket, two garment pockets and finally, a soft-sided valuables pocket for your phone, keys, etc.

Enough storage room for every possible golf course need is the best description to fit the TaylorMade Catalina Golf Bag.

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Drawbacks of the bag?

We did pick up a few users of the opinion that the bag is slightly heavier than anticipated, which we’d agree would have been a problem if one had to carry this bag around for 18 holes.

However, this is a cart bag; it’s also not a Sunday bag. You do want to take along all 14 clubs, a couple of balls, tees, a raincoat and an umbrella, perhaps a pair of shoes, a few valuables you don’t want to lose and most definitely a couple of cold ones for the thirst.

On a cart, you’re not going to worry much about the weight other than picking it in and out of your trunk of your car. Besides, it’s even got the decent bottom, and side grips including well-thought out handle to take care of that task comfortably. Sorted then, right?

Organizer System: Absolute Pleasure or Pure Frustration?

Every seasoned golfer knows and appreciates the value of a well-organized, well-thought-out design that includes a divider system that organizes your clubs neatly and separately from each other.

If your clubs are fitted with over-sized grips, getting a specific club in and out of the bag at any given point, a bag without decent dividers that separate the set – it’s a pain in the neck, to say the least.

While the Catalina boasts a full, 14-way divider system, only 5 compartments go down the full length of the bag. This means that 3 clubs (in the most part) still need to rub shoulders all the way through 18 holes.

But let’s be honest, do you really need any more than that? 3 Club grips don’t take up that much space if you think about it.

Honestly, how much free value can one expect from such a reputable brand sponsoring at least 5 of the top 20 professional golf players of the European Tour (that we know of)?

Who should buy this bag?

If TaylorMade is your brand, then test-driving a Catalina Cart Bag is inevitable before you can call yourself a true fan in our honest, not-so-humble opinion.

Strict, picky golfers with a long list of features and essential requirements won’t be disappointed by the Catalina golf cart bag. We are willing to put our next round of golf on this fact.

We have highlighted here –

  • Design
  • Overall Features
  • Storage

We are entirely in love with the design and colors of this bag. Add 9 convenience pockets to take along pretty much whatever you like, and we place this bag among the best of the best. Yay from us!

Wrapping Up Our TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag Review

The TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag from holds nothing back. It’s well designed, manufactured of premium quality material for endurance, it will comfortably accommodate all 14 clubs without compromising on extra storage space, and it will definitely keep your thirst intact.

Did we mention the beautiful colors TaylorMade made this bag available in? We absolutely fancy the ​gray / black design.

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