Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover Review

If you are one of those “take charge” golfers, you won’t settle for anything less than Gold Medal winner Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover on the Golf Digest 2012 Hot List. This review tells you why owning a T-2000 golf bag makes you a winner on the course and among your golfing peers.

With its innovative design utilizing a 360-degree technology, the Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover golf bag features a patent-pending handle with the Pivot Grip™ that helps reduce the strain on both your wrist and arm, according to Craig Ramsbottom, President of Bag Boy’s mother company, Dynamic Brands.

This makes it easier to maneuver your golf bag when you go through hotels and airports, an advantage for enthusiastic golfers. You can also feel and see how this feature makes it convenient for you if you play out of town or even out of state.

Features and Specifications of Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover

Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover

  • Pivot Grip™: the patent-pending, ergonomically-designed handle that twists and adjusts to any position you wish without straining your wrist and arm while in transit.
  • Internal compression strap: secures and safeguards your clubs inside the bag during your travel, ensuring that they don’t scratch or hit each other no matter how short or long your travel time is.​
  • With a full wrap around its main lockable zipper to simplify packing and accessing your gear whenever and where you need them.
  • Will fit a ten-inch cart bag and a 48-inch driver easily.
  • Equipped with two oversized pockets for garments.
  • Assist handles are dual lift-fitted.​
  • Deluxe quality, skid-resistant, extra tall base made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a durable material that has high impact and mechanical strength.​
  • The T-2000’s in-line skate wheels give the bag a smooth roll when pulled.
  • With an oversized accessory pocket for shoes and other golf items.
  • Its top has a wrap-around pad that is ultra thick.
  • Designed with a PVC back for the maximum protection of your clubs.
  • Comes with a plastic window molded into the bag to hold an ID or business card.
  • This Bag Boy model is made from weather-resistant, heavy-duty 1680D class nylon material that can withstand the rigors of wear, tear and rough handling.
  • Carry handle is dual padded.
  • All color options have black trim and include silver, blue, and red.

Take a look at two of this Bag Boy model’s most interesting and noteworthy features:

Top Notch Handle

The T-2000’s best feature is, without a doubt, its ergonomically-designed Pivot Grip™ patent-pending handle that makes changing directions uncomplicated without letting go of its travel cover. Made of highly durable, 1680D type nylon, the T-2000 has a top with an ultra-thick, wrap-around pad.

Stabilizing Internal Compression Strap

Not all golf bags have internal compression straps but the T-2000 does. This ensures that your clubs are all in stabilized condition and don’t scratch or hit each other even during extensive travel. With the T-2000’s internal compression strap, your clubs are tucked away safely and securely prior to their usage.

Who Should Buy This Product?

As mentioned, if you’re the kind of golfer who will go all-out to play out of town or even out of state, the T-2000 is your best bet. One customer reviewer who comes from a family of golfers found the short backing made of plastic convenient as the bag becomes more compact when folded for storage between trips. The T-2000 is perfect for those who play golf regularly (every day, thrice a week or every other day) as well as extensively.

The T-2000 has been tested by consumers who played golf on a fairly regular basis and found that it weighed two pounds less than the lightest golf travel bag available on the market today.

You can put additional luggage inside the T-2000 without going beyond the restriction of 50 pounds imposed by airlines when you travel with your golf bag.

This Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover golf bag is the least expensive in its class, a feature that golfers on a budget should take note of.

Here We have highlighted Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover Review

  • Design
  • Overall Features
  • Comfort

We consider this travel bag to be the best in its class, all around. Lovely, elegant design, maximum comfort while traveling. It does the job, and really well too. Perfectly priced as well. It’s a Yay from GBA and others.

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Final Verdict

Golf Digest certainly did not mistake when it awarded the Bag Boy T-2000 a gold medal few years ago. Based on the Golf Digest criteria of innovation, feel/look demand, performance, this Bag Boy received praises for its highly durable material, club-head protection, and remarkable Pivot Grip™.

All these are excellent reasons why you should own this Bag(d) Boy!

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