Best Golf Travel Bag Reviews 2024 – Buying Guide

Travel bags allow golfers to carry their clubs with them and ensure they are safe. These bags are designed to protect golf clubs during baggage handling and on airplanes.

Typically, made of heavier materials, these golf bags are set for people who travel for long distances to play golf.

On the lookout for a fantastic travel bag that is compact and easy to carry around?

Check out the following reviews, and you may just find the best golf travel bag that suits your golfing needs.

Comparison Chart of Our 7 Best Golf Travel Bags

NameDimension (in)Weight (lbs)
Editor Choice

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2
27.6 x 18.9 x 14.69.04
CaddyDaddy Cdx-10 Travel Bag Cover50 x 12.5 x 159
​Izzo Golf Padded Travel CoverExpands to 51 x 14 x 12 Collapses to 14 x 12 x 7.52
​Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Case12 x 54 x 1616.5
SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Case48 x 14 x 1117.64
CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix14 x 15 x 5312
EZ-CADDY Travel Cover16 x 14 x 227.19

Best Golf Travel Bags Reviews 2024

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

Among the best golf travel bags is the CaddyDaddy Constrictor II that has been loved and used by many golfers for several years and continues to be a good choice for a travel bag.

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

Noteworthy Features

  • 1800 denier nylon construction makes this bag very durable
  • Heavy-duty lockable zippers that along with two huge side pockets.
  • Accommodates most kinds of bags. Weighs 9lbs.
  • Highly padded top to keep the heads of the clubs protected from hazards you may encounter as you travel.
  • Inline skate wheels make the mobility of this bag effortless.
  • Cinch straps on the inside and outside to protect the clubs.
  • Heavy duty and convenient curb rails, and riveted handles for better strength.

The Constrictor 2 features weather-proof 1800 denier nylon which is three times as thick and lasts longer than the normal 600 denier nylon construction. It has the best of the best handles, wheels, and zippers.


  • Well-built and looks good
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Offers ample storage space
  • Rolls easily and is very strong
  • Made of heavy-duty material


  • Although it is well-made and offers maximum protection, this bag may fail to stand on its own, and the straps may not tighten well for some users.

Final Verdict

As you travel with your golf equipment from one place to another, you need a bag that will keep all the gear secure and protected. Other than that, the bag should also be adequately lightweight to make things easier. The CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 travel bag will do just that. Read our in-depth research about of caddy daddy constrictor 2 review.

CaddyDaddy Cdx-10 Travel Bag Cover

The Cdx-10 is a travel bag offers plenty of room; it can accommodate additional golf balls, garments as well as shoes.

The wheels and pulling strap make maneuverability easier. The top features extra padding for more protection. This is a great soft case that is among the best golf travel bags.

CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Bag Travel Cover

Noteworthy Features

  • Ultra-durable 600 denier nylon construction
  • Heavy duty curb rails with lockable zip pockets
  • Riveted handles for improved strength
  • Inline skate wheels for easy mobility
  • Heavily padded top to secure club heads
  • Adjustable clamps to secure clubs
  • 2 large shoe pockets for keeping extra gear
  • Fits golf bags of up to 10 inches cart-bag sizes.

Superior quality, practical, and high-performance travel bag that makes transportation a breeze.


  • Features wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • Loads of room for extra clothes, shoes and golf balls.
  • Easy to store.
  • Comes at a good price.


  • Unfortunately, the material used in construction is not very durable.

Final Verdict

This Caddy Daddy travel bag provides loads of space for more balls, clothes, and shoes. The smooth rolling wheels make it easier to move the bag from one place to another. It gives you value for money and your clubs will remain safe in your journey.

Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover

Transport your golf clubs without any marks and scratches with the Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover. It is easy to use, and you can even fold it up when not in use.

Your golf gear will be kept safe and sound under the soft padded case as you move from one place to another.

Izzo Golf Padded Golf Travel Cover

Noteworthy Features

  • Padded soft case keeps your clubs secure.
  • Long-lasting vinyl base gives extra protection.
  • Carry strap is adequately padded for comfort.
  • Accommodates almost all kinds of golf bags because it can expand to a maximum of 50”.
  • Comes in a dark-black color that certainly makes it look classy.
  • Business card folder for better identification.

This black travel cover has a very basic design with just a single zipper. Though it’s essential, this design makes it easier for you to insert your golf bag into it.


  • Can accommodate a full-sized cart golf bag.
  • Extra padding protects your golf bag.
  • Padded carry strap offers maximum comfort as you carry it.
  • Lightweight
  • Easily folds into a compact size when you want to store it
  • Durable vinyl base offers added protection.


  • A major shortcoming is the lack of wheels on the base. Additionally, it only comes in black, and the patterns on the cover are not eye-catching.

Final Verdict

Traveling with your golf gear can be quite hectic, and even if you own the best golf bag, you will still require a travel cover. For this, you can rely on the Izzo Golf Padded Travel cover, which seems simple, but certainly offers adequate protection.

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided – Best Golf Travel Bag hard case

Travel across the world without having to worry about the safety of your golfing gear with the Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case.

This lightweight cover features long-lasting ABS Plastic Shell which plays the role of protecting your golf bag and gear form wear and tear.

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

Noteworthy Features

  • ABS Plastic Shield ensures durability and protection.
  • 4 multi-directional wheels allow you to push and pull from different directions.
  • Spacious and heavily padded interior for added protection.
  • Compression straps to hold it in place.
  • It can accommodate golf bags with 10.5” and 48-inch long clubs.
  • Comes in four colors; red, champagne, black, and titanium.
  • 2 rubber grip handles that are well-positioned for easy lifting.

The ABS Plastic material ensures that the cover can resist wear and tear. Being spacious, you can fit your precious equipment and accessories.


  • ABS Shells assures you that nothing will damage your clubs.
  • Multi-directional wheels ensure easy mobility.
  • Completely padded to keep your golf gear protected.
  • It has the ability to stay upright.
  • Very roomy.


  • In spite of it being well-made, the bag is very huge, meaning that you will have some problems fitting it well into the back seat of small cars. Also, the huge size may make maneuverability difficult.

Final Verdict

It Case is made to assist golfers in solving mobility problems for their golf equipment, more so when traveling to far away destinations. Golf bag help transport your golf clubs around the course, but it can’t withstand the hazards that are accompanied by traveling, and so you require a great cover case like this one.

SKB 25KB-4814W Deluxe ATA – Golf Travel Bag hard case

Another product that fits the category of the best travel golf bag is the SKB Deluxe ATA. It is made to meet the top-grade ATA shipping container specs.

With its TSA Lock System, your golf bag is kept safe, and inspection at the airport is easy.

SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

Noteworthy Features

  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.
  • A perfect match valance bending system gives security against dirt, dust, and moisture.
  • Contoured to accommodate almost all types of cart bags and carry bags.
  • TSA Locking System not only provides protection but also makes airplane travel easier.
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • $1500 club coverage from SKB.
  • Weight: 18pounds when empty.

The construction of this bag is pretty weatherproof. It guards against dirt, dust, and moisture to ensure that your golfing gear remains in the same condition for whatever length of time.


  • Well-constructed high-quality case.
  • Durability is reliable.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Provides maximum protection.
  • It has wheels.
  • Has TSA Locking system.


  • Some users have complained of the wheels breaking off easily, and it takes a lot of time to replace both the wheels and the screws and nuts.

Final Verdict

Overall, the SKB Deluxe ATA travel case solves almost all the challenges encountered while transporting golf gear over long distances. It is designed to offer supreme protection for your gear. You won’t have to worry about your equipment being damaged by dust, moisture or dirt.

CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag

Phoenix Golf Travel Bag is the biggest travel cover from CaddyDaddy. It is made for big cart and staff bags, but suits stand bags as well.

Apart from the spacious interior, this massive cover sport 3 huge lockable pockets for loads of extra equipment, apparel, and shoes.

CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag

Noteworthy Features

  • Can fit almost all large golf bags.
  • EVA molded foam provides maximum security for club heads.
  • Self-standing wheelbase lets the bag stay in an upright position.
  • 1800 denier nylon construction.
  • Strong lockable zippers on major opening.Three large pockets with lockable zippers as well.
  • Inline skates for easy rolling.
  • Cinch straps on the interior and exterior to protect the clubs.
  • Can collapse for easy storage.
  • Luggage tag and business card window ensure you do not lose the bag in the airport.

The weather-proof 1800 denier nylon ensures maximum durability. With the high impact EVA mold and other superior features, this is a high-quality product.


  • Rolling wheels ensure easy mobility.
  • Built to accommodate large golf bags.
  • Its massive size makes it extremely spacious.
  • High-quality soft-case golf bag.
  • Highly padded for maximum protection.


  • The biggest flaw of this cover is the fact that it is over-sized, making storage a bit difficult. Some users have complained that their bags started to fray along the seams after using them for a short while.

Final Verdict

The CaddyDaddy Phoenix Travel bag is a high-quality soft-case golf bag that is built to last long. With its massive size, ample storage space, and maximum protection, it will definitely impress you!

EZ-CADDY Travel Cover

If you’re a golfer who travels with their golf equipment, a good travel bag is necessary. You will want to ensure that your clubs and other gear remain in a good condition throughout.

The EZ-Caddy Travel Cover is a well-padded travel bag that offers you ample room for your golfing gear.

6008527-SSI EZ-Caddy Travel Cover 7024

Noteworthy Features

  • Conveniently placed handles for easy loading, unloading, and transportation.
  • Inline skate wheels for easy rolling.
  • Two interior adjustable straps secure your golf bag with padded foam top.
  • Over-sized shoe pocket
  • Weather-resistant 600 denier construction with PVC backing.
  • Skid rails, molded base, and ID holder
  • Wrap around the zipper.

This is a nice travel bag that has sufficient pockets, a strong handle, and easy rolling wheels.


  • Works well.
  • Has sufficient padding around the club heads.
  • The handle is strong.
  • Features wheels which make for easy mobility.
  • Looks great.


  • The materials are not sufficiently resistant to wear and tear.
  • The edges may start to fall apart after long periods of use.

Final verdict

There is a couple of hazards that may threaten the safety of your gear. As a result, you need to have a high-quality travel cover that offers maximum protection to ensure that your possessions remain in the same condition. The EZ-Caddy travel bag is such a great product that you should try.

Best Travel Golf Bag Buying Guide

If you enjoy playing golf, chances are you will probably travel to play the sport on some wonderful golf courses.

Packing your golf clubs can be an annoying task, but luckily, there are plenty of high-quality travel bags in the market to make the process easier.

With a wide selection, you need to know the qualities you should look for in a travel bag to ensure that it’s the best fit.

Here are the necessary aspects to consider before you purchase a golf travel bag.

1. Size

The size of the golf travel bag matters a lot. It must have sufficient space to accommodate all your clubs, and they should not hit each other inside the travel bag.

However, if there is excess space, the clubs will move around and get damaged.

You should start by testing your golf bag to ensure that it fits properly in the travel bag before you travel.

2. Weight

Golf travel bags tend to be heavy even before you load them. If you plan on carrying your golf clubs over long distances, you should buy a bag that isn’t difficult to carry.

A lightweight travel bag is very convenient. Moreover, if your load exceeds 50lbs, the airline will charge you extra fees.

3. Design

The design of the travel bag is a personal preference. Every bag has different specifications.

There are hard and soft cases golf travel bags. A hard case gives you added protection but is pretty costly and weighs more. For the soft case, the chances of damaging your golf clubs are higher because there isn’t a lot of material securing your clubs. However, soft case bags are easier to carry, lightweight, easy to store and are less expensive.

4. Durability and Security

As you travel, your luggage should be able to withstand the heavy beating it is exposed to. It is important to consider the endurance of the travel bag to ensure that your clubs are protected throughout the journey.

5. Budget

The amount you’re willing to spend is also an important consideration. Hard case travel bags tend to cost more than soft case travel bags. Once you know your budget, you can select the most suitable bag for you.

Together with those considerations, you should probably look for a travel bag that has wheels. You will have fewer problems and the wheels will make maneuverability easier.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to correctly pack clubs on a golf travel bag?

A. Use a golf stiff arm to absorb the impact of a sudden fall or mishandling of the bag, flip your clubs in an upside-down position, protect your irons with head covers or remove the driver’s head.

Q. What are the most critical factors while choosing a travel golf bag?

A. The storage space, weight, durability, protection, and design.

Q. Will the SKB Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case fit a golf stand bag?

A. Yes, it will.

Q. Is the Caddy Daddy Phoenix Golf Travel Bag collapsible to fit in the trunk of a car when you remove the clubs?

A. Absolutely.

Wrapping on Our Golf Travel Bags Reviews 2024

In this article, you have seen travel golf bag reviews of some of the best bags out there. Also, we have seen the things you should consider before making a purchase. What do you consider to be the best travel golf bag for you?

The choice of the best golf travel bag largely depends on what you like best; every golf bag offers different functionality. You should definitely study different types of bags to determine which one suits your needs best.

If you are interested to Read our top Pick 13 top golf bag reviews. Also we picks best golf cart bags.

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