Best Golf Bags For The Money 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Which is the Best Golf Bag of 2024?

It takes a lot of balls to golf like a pro! And, if you fail to get yourself a few of the best golf bags, you might need plenty of them too. Yeah, one bag is never enough – it’s true. But you cannot go silly in picking the best-rated golf bags.

Long gone are those days when golf bags were merely the bag that carried your clubs and accouterments. Even cheap golf bags today are fairly functional, organized and durable. Then again, these aren’t just enough! – Whereas you can have a set of unique features built-in instead.

Material, weight, space, and looks are must to make your best golf bag for the money. Herein, with tons of shapes, colors, sizes, and other variants your decision can slip out of the pocket hole.

To make sure it doesn’t, I have compiled some of the modern day bags and unveiled their pros and cons for you. So now, let’s get straight to the business, shall we?

We’ll Be Looking At

Golf Cart Bags – For the serious golfer, with lots of tricks in the bag.
Golf Stand Bags – Everything easily accessible but not using a cart (yet?).
Golf Carry Bags – Exercise with today’s modern technology used in carry systems is a healthy option.
Golf Travel Bags – Playing away from home? Touring?

Top 15 Best Golf Bag Comparison – Yea or Nay!

NameBag TypeDescriptions
Editor Choice

Founders Club 14 Way Premium
Cart BagWeight
​9.5 Pounds
Sun Mountain 2019 C-130Cart BagDimensions
​10 x 13 x 36 inches

​10 pounds
Prosimmon Tour 14 WayCart Bag​Weight: ​5.3 Lbs
Taylor Made SupremeCart BagDimensions
36.5 x 10 x 13.5 inches

6.​75 pounds
Pitch and Putt Golf LightweightStand Carry BagDimensions
​36 x 13 x 10 inches

​1.95 pounds
​TANGKULA Golf Bag w/4 Way DividerStand Carry BagDimensions
Head Frame
6 x 8 inches
Bag Length 35 inches

3.5 Pounds
Editor Choice
TaylorMade Golf TM 5.0
Stand BagDimensions
36 x 13 x 10 inches
Callaway Golf CapitalStand BagWeight 5.0 lbs
​TaylorMade FlextechStand BagDimensions
36 x 13 x 10 inches

4.9 Pounds
Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 5Stand BagDimensions
10.8 x 12.5 x 37.2 inches
5 pounds
Editor Choice
5" Sunday Bag Lightweight
Carry BagWeight
14.5 ounces
Editor Choice

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2
Travel CoverDimensions
27.6 x 18.9 x 14.6 inches
9.04 pounds
Athletico Padded Golf Travel BagTravel BagDimensions
53 x 12 x 14 inches
Club Champ Golf BagTravel CoverDimensions
12 x 12 x 48 inches
2.44 pounds
SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATATravel CaseDimensions
48 x 14 x 11 inches
17.64 pounds

Top Rated 15 Best Golf Bag Reviews on the Market 2024

Golf Cart Bags

The very first type a golfer would love to buy. Cart bags are easy to put in your cart, and you don’t have to strap it on your shoulders along the 18 holes. These come spacious with separate slots and are easily accessible.

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

This one seems a bit advanced from the previous, specifically with the anti-rattle iron slots. Yep, you heard it right! Its 14-way divider system protects all the clubs with rubberized grips that clench each slot away from one another. So you have no rattles to cause club damage, and you know where they set in the bag.

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top

Founders Club Deluxe Cart Bag embraces all the features you can expect from a quality cart bag at the price range. It has ten motion zipper pockets including two mesh and lined valuables pockets. You absolutely have no worries to store your balls, tees or even drinks. It owns an insulated pocket to keep your drinks cold in it.

Just like the previous pick, this premium cart bag comes with glove and loop holders to carry your golf accessories. As a primary feature, it also has an umbrella slot, and you get a rain hood to make sure it doesn’t get wet. I really liked the molded club tubular shape and fabric compartment.

As the bag is pretty well-built, you can expect it to last for a long time. It has got a front handle with two added handles on both sides. Being a bit on the heavy side, it will prove best if you move around in a motorized cart. With that said, you can still chase it on a pull-cart or push-cart with the ease.


  • Has great built quality
  • Excellent club management
  • Undoubtedly worth the price
  • Fantastic looking bag


  • May lack in adequate space for your putters. It fits oversized grip, but if you have got fat grips, you might face disappointment.

Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag

This bad boy arrives in a hell lot of colors. Now, honestly, I kinda hate funky colored products for my personal taste. But the combinations can make literally you fall for it. Anyways, we are talking 14-way separate club dividers, full-length club dividers to be exact – it is for real this time. Very few models in the market are actually full-length, luckily, this latest piece is one of them.

Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Cart Bag

Sun Mountain 2018 cart bag gives you ten pockets to load, including two full-length pockets for apparels. Furthermore, you for sure get a cooler pocket, a water-resistant velour-lined pocket for valuables with two more additional. You have easy access to all of them even in the cart since they are facing the front. Load everything you might need in the golf course!

Strap system combines two Velcro straps to fasten the bag to your riding cart. This new feature allows you to attach the bag without closing off the putter well. Good to know, the manufacturer designed this piece mostly focusing on your cart uses. You will notice a reverse orientation along with three utility handles placed on the top for easy access and maneuvering.

You putters are always safe in its putter well. Because it minimizes twisting and closing off the putter pocket. More to add, the shoulder straps come single padded for comfortable carry. Speaking of the basics, this package has a towel ring, umbrella holder and rain hood included within.


  • Dividers run full-length for clubs
  • Lightweight, easily accessible pockets
  • Boasts the best golf bag setup
  • Plenty of colors to choose


  • No such drawbacks to quote. But if you take the price as a bummer, I would say it is worth every penny you will pay.

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

Okay, this unit by Prosimmon describes itself. I mean, you can tell, it offers a 14-way top just by looking at their extraordinary name, don’t you?

PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

The bag is available in a pair of different colors. Plenty of pockets including; a deep ball pocket, an accessory or tee pocket, a fur-lined pocket for valuable stuffs, two full-length waterproof side pockets for clothing, an insulated drinks pocket and few more to count.

Apart from the Velcro glove holder, standard golf towel ring and outer umbrella strap, it has a feature that makes it standout from the rest. Whereas many of the bags have issues with putters, Prosimmon Tour allows an external putter tube. And, this in no doubt helps not only with large headed putters but also those who prefer storing them externally.

No bag is perfect and all in all when it comes to the verdict point. Herein, this bag is no different. It is good in construction, looks, and shape. Feels sturdy and hopefully will live long. As for the price it takes, it proves an excellent bag for the money. Definitely better than many expensive models out there in the market! A budget bag for newcomers in golfing, I would say.


  • Best value golf bag
  • Nice looks, Plenty of storage
  • Good built and feels sturdy
  • Very light in weight


  • As interviewed, some users did not like the external putter tube stating the cart strap blocks its way. Nonetheless, if you put the strap underneath, it’s completely fine.

TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag

This bag is designed with maximum organization. It is effortless to load up, strap on to any kinda golf cart. The bag features 15-way divider tops that create space for every club you set. This eliminates binding and over-crowding while taking out or placing your golf clubs. The top grab handles make this bag easy to maneuver and at barely 6.75 pounds of weight.

TaylorMade Supreme Golf Cart Bag

Taylor Made Supreme comes with a total of ten pockets including two full-length clothing compartments. It has got an insulated large cooler pocket with drain ports – which is a bit impressive. Talking of other features of the bag, it includes a wear-proof and fairly cushioned single shoulder strap. So, you won’t get your shoulders sore, carrying it on the walk.

Its weather-resistant umbrella slot will hold your sheltering shade firm, while two micro-suede lined pockets keep your treasures safe from outside hazards. You also have a velcro glove tab, ball pocket, towel loop, trunk handle, pen sleeve, and – to protect it from rains – it integrates a matching rain hood.

Construction of this robust crush proof bag stands top-notch and comprises high-quality materials and zippers. Taylor Made bag is compatible with both riding carts and push carts. So regardless you are a walker or a rider, this can be the right bag for you.


  • A great pick as for the price
  • Crush resistant and very durable
  • Ample amount of pockets
  • Offers a free embroidery coupon


  • The bag is made for push carts or motor carts, so it definitely won’t feel the comfort of a carry bag. Plus, the dividers are not full-length as it says on the sales page.

Golf Stand Bags

As you already know these with stands somehow defines the very you to your golf buddies. It not only has to look cool, but you need it to be sturdy and spacious as well. However, I have just three in my showcase for you in this section.

TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

With five compartments divided on the top, TaylorMade Golf 2017 has six pockets to allow ample storage for your golfing equipment on the course. This includes Ball pockets, Tee pockets, Umbrella sleeve, Valuable pouch, and garment pocket. It is a convenient yet lightweight, stylish looking bag.

aylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

One of the noteworthy features of this bag is – while stand bags have a standing issue in the course – this model incorporates an anti-split stand system, so it does not fall too often. The 2017 TM Stand bag can be a great bag for any newcomer in golf arena. It has got all basic niceties and comes comparatively cheap enough even being an upright brand.

TaylorMade uses comfortable padding in its shoulder straps, and they feel comfy in action, as expected. However, the Kickstand did not seem that sturdy to appreciate. Again, talking about overall quality, the whole piece feels durable. Because the manufacturer has comprised quality fabric and motion zippers in it.

Apart from the critics some users have about this stand bag, you will have all standard features integrated. Plus, the bag is also available in multiple colors to choose from. You also get a matching rain hood to safeguard the bag from the rain. Indeed, this is one of the best-looking golf bags out there.


  • Stylish looking appearance
  • Anti-split stand system
  • As for the price, it’s good
  • Comfortable shoulder straps


  • It has only four holes for clubs, so your clubs may get crowded at times.

TANGKULA Golf Bag w/4 Way Divider Stand Carry Bag

Many love the fun game of golf. The Tangkula Golf Bag is an in-style and compact bag that offers you long-lasting satisfaction.

Tangkula Stand Bag Lightweight Organized Golf Bag Easy Carry Shoulder Bag with 3 Way Dividers and 4 Pockets for Extra Storage

With its polyester fabric, the bag can withstand wear and tear properly. It weighs only 3.5lbs meaning it is super lightweight.

Noteworthy Features

  • 3-Way divider top surprisingly provides sufficient space for golf Polyester fabric makes this bag wear resistant.
  • 4 zipper pockets offer extra storage space for accessories. Unique zipper style brings aesthetics and function to this golf stand bag.
  • Backpack-design shoulder strap for added comfort.
  • Convenient carry handle on the side.
    Compact body makes it an ideal travel bag.
  • Foot pipe support helps the bag in standing steadily and balanced.
  • Resistant to wear and tear, offers a reasonable capacity, great for traveling and has excellent foot support.


  • Great travel golf bag due to its compact body.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Double straps are comfortable.
  • Dividers ensure that the clubs stay separated.
  • Very steady and balanced.


  • The water bottle pouch is only large enough for very slim bottles. Also, the top pocket and zipper may wear out over time.

Final Verdict

If you like to travel with your golf equipment, this is the perfect bag to use. It is lightweight but offers decent storage for all your accessories. If you like small golf bags that are easy to carry everywhere you go, then this is a suitable product.

Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

When you go to the floor and everybody’s bag ends up looking the same, it’s time to stare at the Callaway stand bags. Obviously, this one is a lightweight stand bag perfect for your clubs. The bag weighs only five pounds. It integrates a little bit of fashion element so you can see what it puts on the force to standout different.

Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Equipped with five pockets; one individually for valuable and gloves, a water bottle sleeve, and two full-length apparel and golf ball pockets. Also, it has five full-length slots for keeping your clubs safe and organized. The size is perfect, not gigantic and not too small. Most probably, a fit for all.

Callaway Golf Capital uses breathable mesh on core touch points of the bag. It lets you feel easy on your walk through the course with it. More so, you get to choose the color combo you like, one that matches your personal taste. As for the storage, it is reasonably spacious with a compartment that goes full in length.

You can have the balls you need to be on the golfing ground, as many as it could take for a day. Or I would say, you won’t at least run out of balls for a round. To ensure comfortable shoulders, it features double padded strap system. This way, you never feel the heavy weight on your shoulders. You’ll know when you have to walk with your bag.


  • Easily holds you full set
  • Unbeatable for the price
  • Lightweight, seems sturdy
  • Comfortable shoulder straps


    • I have heard, some say it is a bit small in size and could have been bigger. To my golf witty mind, the expectation is fair although it meets the standards smooth.

TaylorMade Flextech Stand Bag

In 2017, Taylor Made brought their FlexTech series of carry stand bags. These bags took the place of the PureLite line.

TaylorMade Flextech Golf Bag Camouflage

The model has an enhanced base and leg system for better stability together with a more adjustable, and efficient padded shoulder strap feature. The changes are excellent improvements to its previous models.

Noteworthy Features

      • 5-Way Organizational divider top with full-length dividers to keep your clubs well-organized and protected.
      • Highly adjustable, double density strap feature and cushioned hip pad.
      • Top rim, spine and bottom handles offer easy lifting.
      • 11 overall pockets including the full-length garment pocket, micro-suede lined pockets for valuables, rangefinder pocket, insulated cooler pocket, water bottle pocket, ball and tee pockets and a pen sleeve.
      • Comes additionally with umbrella sleeve and rain hood, Velcro glove pouch, and towel clip.
      • Flex-base with only 4.9 lbs. weight.
      • Available in 7 color combinations that include camouflage.

The straps are easy to remove which is great for golfers who feel like getting rid of them for cart use. The legs of the bag are a bit bent and hinge more than other bags. The base and leg combination is very sturdy, sleek and a nice improvement when you want to use a cart.


      • The bag is lightweight and very stable.
      • Full-length dividers ensure that the clubs are not overcrowded.
      • Very easy to carry due to the highly adjustable and dual density strap feature.
      • Offers ample storage space.


      • The major flaw of this stand bag is the fact that the club divider compartments are too few.

Final Verdict

The Taylor Made FlexTech is an impressive piece. It has plenty of storage room for whatever you need to play the game. Clubs are kept organized, and the bag has a perfect back for using a cart or walking. A durable and quality product that fits among the top golf stand bags.

Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag

The hyper lite side is one of Callaway’s most distinctive offerings that feature traditional favorites with modern design. Moving woods and hybrids to the outer ring, its unique 7-way top layout helps you keep the clubs organized. The new design creates a clear sight line to the mid and short irons while you are preparing for a shot.

Callaway Golf 2018 Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag
Apart from the Hyper Lite’s five top, it has 9 pockets including a removable pouch for embroidery. Also, you get an alignment stick holder that protect your clubs from scratches. The model comprises minimal branding and premium fabric with a bottle opener and towel hook. This guarantees durability for years to come and makes the Hyper-Lite looking sharp.

With its advanced features and ample storage, it is easy to maneuver with integrated molded top handles. Its comfort Tech strap incorporates ergonomic EVA foam core with soft mesh padding for effortless carrying. Among the pockets, you have a full-length apparel pocket, water-resistant velour-lined valuables pocket with key clove, and accessory pockets.

Extra traction technology in base system features non-slip footpads to prevent the stands from slipping or tilt. Needless to say, it comes with a thermal lined water bottles pocket to keep your drinks fizzy. Additionally, the package included a rain hood and integrated pen holder. The soft mesh heap pads allow comfort and ventilation. What else do you want?


      • Fashionable and roomy design
      • Facilitates comfortable carry
      • Reaches durability milestones
      • Unquestionably Lightweight


      • Guess what, no drawbacks from users interviewed. It is overall one of the top rated golf bags for the money.

Golf Carry Bags

These are mostly dull and boring looking bags you carry while hitting the executive course or driving range. These are a bit different than a cart or stand bag and can hold the necessary equipment.

5″ Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag

The superior, lightweight and easy to use carry bag comes from Pro Active sports. It is made to last and made out of polyester in the USA. It is available in both 5-inch and 7-inch base. If you want to carry more clubs than just the basic driver long iron, mid-range iron, wedged, and putters, Sunday Bag will make a good option.

5 inches Sunday Bag Lightweight Carry Bag Executive Course Golf Bag
5-inch Sunday Light-weight golf different bag comes with two different exterior model. Herein, these pockets will accommodate extra golf balls, tees and miscellaneous. Proactive Sunday carry bags can prove great for those 9-hole courses, as you can take a couple of clubs to the driving range. So, you can throw in a few clubs, a couple of balls and putters and carry it to the fairways.


      • Compact for traveling
      • Ample storage pockets
      • Convenient handle and strap
      • Sneaks in a fair value


      • Not very sturdy and does not stand alone. But for the price, it fits the bill for the intended use.

Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

Okay, shit just got real! I mean this bag is not solely a carry bag, but a stand carry bag to be precise. Moving on, this Pitch and Putt golf stand Carry Bag is from Orlimar, not to be confused with the Knight Pitch and Putt model. It is very sleek and compact in design, and the best part of it rests on the price it takes. With such cheap price tag, your purchase will never be sorry.

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

The unit is equipped with two top compartments for about 6 to 7 clubs. Also, there is an accessory pocket for your balls, markers, pens, etc. Its sturdy carry handle and shoulder straps allow straightforward carry, while the retractable legs help it stand firm on the ground. As for the weight, it barely weighs. Only around 2 lbs weight makes it the best lightweight golf bag. To conclude, it’s best amongst cheap golf bags in the market.


      • Handsome looking bag
      • Perfect for the traveler
      • Comes at a crazy price
      • Super lightweight and mobile


      • There are limitations with space, although it houses 6 clubs with ease. Furthermore, it only has one pocket for the accessories.

Golf Travel Bags

Also known as travel case or cover, and is basically the bag that stocks your typical golf carry bags inside. The purpose is to protect your golfing gears when you are traveling long distances.

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

Wanna keep safe your caddy? Better come to daddy, I mean CaddyDaddy. The golf constrictor travel cover is visibly robust with 1800D nylon construction and 1.5 inches padded top. This makes it almost three times thicker and sturdier than average travel covers. Plus, your club heads are duly protected and safe with its dense padding on the top.

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

Don’t just go for the looks, this CaddyDaddy bag is still competing among the few bestselling pieces. And, this surely has specific reasons behind! The unit comes with at a relatively low price, and if you add a few bucks more, you get an additional club protector. In terms of space, you can accommodate your golf bags up to 10 inches without a hitch.

The Constrictor II traveler incorporates heavy-duty lockable zippers, side pockets, inline skate wheels, and much more. Its cinch straps both inside and outside of the bag help keep your clubs organized and more secure. You can store your golf accessories and even shoes or clothing in the side pockets. Maneuvering with the bag is easy, as it has sturdy wheels to run on.

Another partaking feature of this particular model from CaddyDaddy is the collapsible feature. It integrates easier storage when not in use. Its Superior grade weather-proof nylon fabrication offers a durable lifetime. As for the basics, the bag has two handles, and two address label slots; one luggage tag and one business card window.


      • Big zippers and spacious pockets
      • Relatively lightweight
      • Stands up on its own
      • Wheels seem sturdy


      • Yup, as expected! Did not find notable drawbacks of it. It’s an overall good piece everyone is still going gaga about.

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag

If you are seriously into the classy game of golf, it requires you to fly with your clubs more often. Athletico crafted this padded travel cover to safeguard them in your journeys, after all, they are expensive pieces of entertainment. It is just the carrier you need on vacations or professional trips. Plus, the unit feels easy to carry.

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag

The bag comes with padded straps with Velcro closure. Locking these two together, you can carry go duffel style. Athletico weighs very light, and its soft-sided case allows you to escape excessive strain while moving. Furthermore, it also includes a padded, detachable shoulder strap to comfort your back. Not gonna use it? Just fold it away to a compact size for storage.

Although people say it is made for air travels – be it in the trunk of your car or anywhere else – you get an elevated protection. Regarding the built materials, it combines 600D polyester and vinyl base. So your bag is safe from abrasions or scuffs while on the go.

Know what? Luggage handlers are cruel people, and so, Athletico crafted this bag to take the beating. The bag is kinda built for comfort. Other than the Velcro locking carry handles, it features cushioned shoulder straps. This lets you put the bag on your back in crowdy airports.


      • Roomy and spacious interior
      • Nicely padded bag
      • Unbeatable for the price


      • Does not have wheels for easier transportation. So, be mindful of that before you make a purchase.

Club Champ Golf Bag Travel Cover

As the name implies, this travel cover bag can be the champ for your clubs. It holds all the features that make an all-around travel bag. Apart from the heavy-duty constructions and added padding on its top, the built-in wheels help to move along with the kit straightforward. This eliminates the stress you feel on your back while carrying. So, the unit doesn’t cause back strain.

Club Champ Golf Bag Travel Cover

The fully protected and full-sized bag from Club Champ allows ample storage for your clubs and other golfing components. You can throw in a bunch of other kinds of stuff other than just your clubs. It is very roomy. Club Champ takes excellent care of your clubs during flights and also folds for storage purposes.

As for the price, it is a great buy if you are traveling lightly. But, when you plan to fly 20 times a year, this bag can rip holes apart in places. From my perspective, honestly, you shouldn’t expect much for the price it takes. Yet, it is suitable for golf stand bags. Make sure you fasten your belongings correctly with the straps because handling it might be difficult at times.

It is not a heavy-duty piece, and you will see many complaining about it on the internet. But, it does its job perfectly and transports your clubs. Fits okay as an airline bag with interior straps keeping things from shifting around. Wheels work okay, but probably you won’t love walking with it for long.


      • Great value for the bang
      • Easy to carry
      • Very roomy inside


      • Many controversies are spreading around the Club Champ. Sadly some of them are true while others are exaggerations. It’s very cheap, and you can’t expect the quality of a 100$ bag, right?

SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

The SKB brand is serving the market with quality products for 30 years, and this 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case is probably the most protective hard case golf travel bag you will find in the market right now.

SKB 2SKB 4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

Do you know what made this product apart from other travel bags? It is the heavy duty construction, thanks to the manufacturers. SKB used ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene to build the hard case. It is the same material that the US military uses to make their containers. It promises to keep your clubs safe while going through TSA inspection.

In order to cushion the clubheads, it features a ½ inch thick padding around top 14 inches area. It comes with two smooth skate wheel which makes it easier to move. To pull the case through the airport, at the top of the case there is a tug and a lift handle at the center.

This product comes with three industrial latches which offer maximum security, and impressively the middle latch is TSA approved. Overall, it’s an outstanding performer.


      • Built with heavy-duty materials
      • Offers maximum protection inside
      • High-quality handles
      • Offers great value for the money


      • The manufacturer could have installed high-quality and sturdier wheels, as the case it little heavier.

How to Choose the Best Golf Bags for the Money

Undoubtedly, your golf bag matters to you. For keeping all your stuff safe and accessible, it will be with you for the entire round. Which is why choosing the best golf bag is utterly crucial.

Golf players have different needs, so you have to choose a bag which meets all your requirements, and that would prove the best golf bag for you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Types of Golf bags

Basically, there are 4 types of golf bags; each class has its own characteristics. The following information will let you know which one to choose and why!

      • Golf Stand Bags

As the name suggests, this bag comes with two retractable stands. This unique design sets this bag apart from the crowd. Because of the legs (stands), this bag can stand directly upright, and this is very helpful for golfers when they need access to clubs.

Many golf stand bags come with backpack style (two shoulder straps), which distributes the weight on both shoulders and makes it easier to carry.

Most of the Golf Stand bags weight around 4 to 5 pound and some comes even lightweight. These bags offer top dividers.

If you are one of those golfers who carry their own clubs, then golf stand bags can work great for you. These bags are large; you can put a set of clubs into it.

      • Golf Cart Bags

Cart bags are more substantial than Golf Stand Bags. The design of cart bags allows the golfer to reach pockets without taking the whole bag out of the riding or push cart.

The cart bag is meant to be carried with a riding cart or push/pull cart. These bags have a slip-resistant rubber bottom which saves it from unwanted fall from the wagon.

This bag is larger than Stand bags and offers something that most bags don’t. Cart bags offers large divider and different pockets for important stuff, like, cooler pockets, pocket for beverage, pocket for golf balls, etc.

Cart bags are definitely not for golfers who carry bags on their backs. It is a hefty bag compared to others, carrying it on the back can make golfers seriously tired which can impact on players’ performance.

      • Golf Carry Bags

The lightest of golf bags, many golfers call it “Sunday Bag” sometimes. These bags are made of very lightweight materials. Carry packs are meant to be carried by golfers so being lightweight is no surprise.

These bags offer a small number of pockets and feature minimal space inside, and you will be able to keep a few clubs.

People who want a lightweight solution for some clubs and other necessaries, golf carry bags are the right thing for them.

      • Golf Travel Bags

These bags are often called as “Staff Bags”. They are the heaviest golf bags among all. Staff bags are enormous; they have ample space and can hold up to 14 sets of the club with all the necessary equipment.

These are the bags which professional uses on tours, staff bags are designed to be in the cart always. Unless you are a pro golfer, bothering about these bags doesn’t make any sense.

Golf Travel bags are made of leather and very durable bags. These bags are expensive also.

Well, these are the 4 types of golf bags, suitable for different needs. Choose one that suits your nature.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Golf Bag for the Money

Once you have decided the type, now it’s time to check some features in golf bags to end up having the best one. Below I have shown some factors which you should look for in golf bags before you make any purchase decision.


Most newbie golfers think that they don’t need more than a couple of pockets and regret later. Other than balls and tees, you will need space for some other things also.

If you are not golfing in a place where rain is unlikely, then you may want a pocket for storing your rain wear.

Also, you will want to put your wallet and phone on the bag, which will require a valuables pocket.

Will you be okay traveling without a bottle of water?

No way! You are going to need a pocket for beverages. Few bags come with cooler pockets, which allow storing more than one drink.

You never know, rain can start showering anytime. So, it would be smart to choose a bag with an umbrella pocket too.

Straps and Handles

There will be one big main strap or a backpack style with two straps. Padding and durability are important.


If you intend to carry the loaded bag all by yourself, then the weight is a significant factor. Carrying a heavy bag for long can impact on your performance.

Choose bag as lightweight as possible, especially, when you are carrying that bag on your back.

Rain Protection

Check if the bag comes with a rain cover or not. A rain hood will save your gears from rain shower by covering the whole bag.

If rain cover doesn’t come with the bag, buy a separate one that covers your bag correctly.


Different bags offer different divider systems; you have to pay attention to the number of dividers the bag is offering. Bags with top divider system are time-saving, they have separated spot for each set of the club, so you won’t have to kill your time searching for the right club.

Putter Well

This important space keeps the putter from damaging the shafts of the other clubs and protects the putter head.

Towel Clip

Try to pick a bag that features a towel clip, hook or ring at the side of the bag. Towel clip will help you to hang a towel and clean off the debris from the gears before you pack them inside the bag.

Carry Bag Factors

When choosing a carry bag, make sure the straps fit you well. Many come in backpack style (two straps) and some in messenger-bag style (one strap).

I would say, go for the backpack style. They feature two straps which distribute the weight on both of your shoulders and will make it easier for you to carry.

Stand Bag Factors

Some stand bags come with strong legs and some not. Pick the ones with legs made of heavy-duty materials.

Check the mechanism of the stands, see if you like the way they retract and extends. As the bag stands direct upright, make sure that the bag is not so short or tall for you.

Cart Bag Factors

When you are choosing a cart bag, pay a close look at the handle. Go for the durable handle which will serve you longer.

Make sure your preferred golf cart bag has a slip-resistant rubber bottom, so it prevents the bag from unexpected slipping.

Travel Bag Factors

Pick a golf travel bag that comes with smooth moving wheels; as they are heavy, wheels will help you to move them easily.

These ensure you have all your necessities handy to keep you and your clubs clean and dry.

I am done here. Now, it’s your turn to implement all this information’s before you purchase a golf bag. It will be a pleasure if you drop your valuable suggestions or any question related to this article in the comment box.

Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

      • 1. What is the ideal golf carry bag height?

Ans: Carrying an extra tall bag could be very irritating. The ideal height of a golf carry bag would be between 27 to 32 inches upright and 7 to 8 inches when it is laid down.

      • 2. How heavy is a fully loaded average golf bag?

Ans: Including 14 clubs, a dozen of balls, rule book, ball retriever, tees, rain wear and an umbrella, the weight of average golf bags can range between 25 to 30 pounds.

      • 3. What is a Sunday golf bag?

Ans: Carry bags are called as “Sunday bag”. These bags are extremely lightweight and offer little space inside. This kind of bags has room for limited clubs and few accessories.

      • 4. What is a golf travel bag?

Ans: Both staff and cart can be used as golf travel bags. But on tour, most golfers prefer staff bags, as they offer higher protection than cart bags. On the other hand, Cart bags are less heavy than Staff ones.

      • 5. How many golf clubs can you carry in a golf bag?

Ans: It, in fact, depends on the bag, the more space you have in your bag, the more clubs you can carry. According to the rule, you can have 14 clubs in your bag but can increase or decrease the number depending on your need. Click here to Check out Callaway Strata Review.


There’s no one getting around that golf bags are crucial to have. And, what is more important, you got to be careful with your buying decisions. Else, stop fantasizing about the best golf bags in your possession. You’ll end up complaining about it every day. Ha ha!

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