How to Choose a Golf Stand Bag

Different kind of golf bags is made for different purposes. but all of them more or less falls largely into three distinctive categories. There is cart bags, staff bags, and Golf stand bags.

Golf stand bags are made for those who want to walk around while playing in the course. As you will be walking around with this bag, it has to be lightweight and durable as well. You need a bag that can keep a lot of stuff and gears.

A golf stand bag is a necessary purchase for a golfer, and you should not do this into haste. We will also be helping you a simple yet effective guide on how to choose a golf stand bag on the go.

Key Features and Benefits of Of Golf Stand Bag


Buying a golf stand bag is a lot like a well-timed investment. If things go well, you will likely to find that stability or durability you wanted.  You do not want to spend so much money on something you need to change now and then. Look for lightweight fabric which is also durable. Carbon-fiber stand system is even more durable than stands made with others.


It is more likely that you will have to keep very expensive golf gears in the bag. Having a waterproof bag will give you the freedom of carrying it everywhere even in the rain, and you do not have to worry about water damaging those stuff.

Golf Stand bag pockets:

Pockets are the main catalyst for keeping things well organized. In most bags, there are different pockets for different specific reasons. A lot of pockets are not necessary if you have enough space inside the pockets. There are also different pocket types.

Standard pockets:

A simple pocket that is available in every golf stand bag. Anything including your water bottle or miscellaneous things can be kept here.

Insulated pockets:

This pocket is mainly seal coated for temperature, and it allows to keep your drinks cold. You can keep your beverage here and have a drink after winning.

Wool-lined pockets:

This pocket is made and lined with wool for keeping valuable things. The wool line can save stuff from getting scratched or get damaged.

Apparel pockets:

Apparel pocket is a large pocket is at the top of the golf stand bag that allows you to have a place for your apparels like t-shirt. It should be big enough so that you can keep your shoes as well.

Speciality pocket:

If you have any specific stuff to keep, you can buy bags with speciality pockets. It is there for keeping miscellaneous stuff. Like you can keep golf balls here. It is waterproof so you can keep your scorecard here too.

The number of dividers:

The divider is one of the biggest parts of a golf stand bag. The number of the slot in a bag determines how many clubs can be placed there. If there are at least fifteen slots in your golf stand bag, then you can put your clubs faster. The clubs will also have their different slots. The different slot is important. If there are just four slots, you cannot put the clubs easily. These will get stuck to each other, and you will not be able to bring out them when needed. If you think that you want a golf stand bag with lesser slots, then there are plastic tubes available for making the place of all golf clubs.

Golf bag divider length:

You need to consider the length of the divider in your golf stand bag as well. Full-length bags are most preferable to people. Some bags cannot keep the clubs all the way. Bag with full length can give you a better experience while you are pulling the clubs or putting them down. If you have few slots and small length together, it will make it difficult to get the clubs out. An entire game can be played by the time you are taking it all out.

Straps and handles:

A golf stand bag should have at least two handles in it. Handles make it easier to carry the bag. If not two, you need to have at least one. The bags should be soft because it makes the bag durable. On some models, you will see nylon or leather straps. Some bags have rubber grip piece as well.

Straps are a crucial thing to have to in golf stand bag. The primary purpose of a golf stand bag is that you need them to carry those things regularly. A shoulder strap will help you the most if there are two straps. You can even wear it as a backpack.

​Wrapping on How to Choose a golf stand bag

These were the most important things that you should consider before buying a best golf stand bag. Recently there has been some new technologies included in stand bags too.

For example, some bags have technology that distributes weight evenly throughout the body. Some bags have excellent security features with zippers and locks. Some have rangefinders as well. These additional features should be checked as well when you are looking a golf stand bags.

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