Ping Traverse Cart Bag Review

Golf is all about class! I’m sure only a few people would disagree with me. If you agree or not, all golfers whether professionals or occasional players seek to create an impression of their own. So, although a golf bag is not the essential tool to begin your golf journey, it is essential to create your impression. And this Ping Traverse cart bag review would definitely help you with that.

No golf player wants to become a clown among his golf fellows. Why have I said this? Because everybody you know will laugh at you if you appear at the golf course without a golf bag. Apart from that, golf bags have their benefits as well.

To be frank, in this article, I’ll show the ins and outs of a cart bag, particularly the Traverse Cart Bag. Besides, it will hopefully help you clarify some of the most common questions regarding golf cart bags.

Specification of Ping Traverse Cart Bag Review

If you’re a beginner in the game, let me introduce you to golf cart bags. These bags are particularly designed for carrying them on golf riding carts or golf push carts. Meaning, golf cart bags are not the best option for you if you’re planning to carry your bag on your shoulder and move around the golf course on foot.

PING Traverse Cart Bag

The Traverse Cart Bag can be argued as the most easy-to-carry golf bags that you’ll find in the market. It will make your movement around the golf course effortless. Why? Because this is one of the lightest bags chosen by many golfers.

By just looking at the bag, you’ll see that with 10 storage pockets this bag is a smart bag and has a classy outlook. Besides, you’ll find a cooler compartment to keep your water bottle. You can zip off the cooler pocket if you don’t need it. So, you’ll not feel shortage of space for your necessary belongings.

On the top, there is a polypropylene material made the cover that will take care of the heads of your clubs. And polypropylene means durability is ensured. Besides, anti-flex properties are featured in the bag. While the air mesh wall of the bag will ensure extra ventilation.

You’ll be amazed to find that the bag has a 14-way divider. It also includes a large putter well that is capable of housing the largest grip. On top of that, the dividers are cushioned and full length. As a result, the grips of the clubs won’t rub together. In addition, this amazing golf bag features a drop down ball bag that is capable of housing two dozen balls.

This cart bag also comes with plenty of pockets. Of the 13 pockets. These compartments including two large ones for apparels have enough room for your belongings. That means, this golf cart bag not only provides sufficient storage capacity but also allows you to carry items of a different kind.

Weighing around 6 lbs, the PING Golf Traverse Cart Bag is one of the lightest bags. The bottom of the cart is recessed and molded. So, it will fit safely into any kind of trolley whether motorized or manual. Moreover, with a channel pass-through, the bag is engineered in such a way that all the pockets can be easily accessed even when it is strapped with a trolley.

Moreover, you’ll feel that lifting the bag is comparatively easier, thanks to its soft touch handle. Besides, the lift and trunk handle is integrated. As a result, it is easier to attach and remove from the trolley. Moreover, the handles are durable enough to ensure carrying enough load without breaking off. In short, every possible necessity of a golfer is met in this beautifully designed bag.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Full-length 14-way dividers
  • Dividers are air meshed and cushioned
  • Polypropylene material made top ensures durability and safety of club heads
  • 13 pockets- oversized apparel and rangefinder pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket that can be zipped off if not necessary
  • Lightweight with around 6 lbs of weight
  • Molded and recessed bottom fits safely on any trolley

 Things We Liked 

  • It’s lightweight, easier to move with it even with full load.
  • Durable handle allows carrying enough load without breaking off.
  • The trolley strap allows access to all pockets.
  • Stunning and classy design.

 Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Air mesh is not that durable.
  • The beverage pockets are not waterproof.
  • All zippers are made of plastic

Frequently Asked Questions

This Ping Traverse bag review would be incomplete if some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cart bags are not answered. For this reason, I’ve picked three of the most common questions asked by mostly newbie golfers.

How much does an average golf bag with clubs weigh?

This is a very tough question to give a straightforward answer. It will depend on the items you are carrying or you intend to carry. However, let’s make an average calculation that will give you an idea about how much an average golf bag would weigh.

If I start typing the names of all the woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, shafts and grips, you won’t be able to finish this article! So, let me just give you a quick overview: if you’re carrying an average number of woods and hybrids one player needs, they would weigh approximately 1350 grams to 1400 grams or above 3 lbs.

On the other hand, the irons and wedges would weigh around 4500 grams or around 10 lbs. And the putter would weigh around a half kilogram or over one pound. In total, you’ll carry around 14 to 15 lbs of clubs alone. If your bag weighs around 6 lbs, you’re expected to carry a total weight of 20 to 21 lbs.
How to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag?

Arranging a golf cart is all about maintaining the balance of weight. At the same, you must be careful that your clubs don’t bang with each other and are spoilt. So, when you’re arranging your golf cart bag, you must put your clubs in descending order from the front to the back.

Put your short irons in the front, and the put your middle clubs in the middle section of your cart bag. Finally, put your long clubs in the rear side of the bag. In this way, your clubs won’t bang with each other and the weight of the clubs will have a balance when the bag is carried or put in a cart.

What are the differences between a cart bag and a stand bag?

As you already know what a cart bag is, let’s see what a stand bag is. Then we’ll look at their differences and pros and cons.

Apparently, a stand bag looks almost the same as a cart bag. The basic difference is a stand bag has a pair of legs built in the bag. You can easily make your bag stand on those legs while taking your shot. You can also carry the bag with you while walking around the golf course. But, the stand bags are more compact and have limited storage capacity compared to the cart bags.

Both of these types have their benefits and drawbacks as well. The two most important benefits of carts bags are – they’ve bigger storage capacity and they can be carried in a push or riding cart. While the drawback is you must obtain a cart to carry your bag and it can be very difficult in case of a sloped terrains.

On the other hand, if you’re using a stand bag, you’ll find that the positive aspects of cart bags are absent in stand bags and vice versa.

Final Verdict of Ping Golf Traverse Cart Bag Review

Finally, long story short, if you’re planning to use a cart bag, the PING Traverse Cart Bag can be the best option for you. You’ll get everything you need almost. Classy look, sufficient storage, and durability – what else do you want? Hopefully, this Ping Traverse cart bag review will get you the ​top golf bag you’re looking for. Cheers!

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