Nike Performance Hybrid Stand Bag Review

The Nike Performance Hybrid Stand Bag is for the golfer who doesn’t want to be caught unprepared by changing playing conditions or moods. Find out more about this golf bag in this review.

Dyed-in-the-wool golfers know that buying two golf bags to serve two separate purposes are a waste of money. That’s why the Nike Performance Hybrid Stand Bag is the perfect companion for golfers who will sometimes go for a full load and use a trolley or walk to the course to work up a mean appetite for swings and putts.

This Nike Performance Hybrid Golf Bag is for golfers who literally pack a lot of golfing accessories and think nothing of lugging the bag around. And while it has several excellent features, two are singled out as the main reasons why this model has become increasingly popular with the golfing community and continued to be a bestseller with golfers of all ages.

Features and Specifications Nike Performance Hybrid Stand​ Bag

  • With curved revolving double strap design using Nike’s EquaFlex Max system.
  • With product dimensions of 48 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches and a weight of six pounds.
  • Equipped with 12 pockets, 8 of them zippered, including a fleece-lined, waterproof pocket designed for valuables, a pocket for your rangefinder that doubles up as a GPS pocket, an insulated cooler pocket, a zip-off pocket for golf balls, a stretch-fit pocket for apparel, and other accessory pockets for score sheets, pencils, etc.
  • With a ventilated back pad made of die-cut air mesh.
  • Color options include Gym Red, White, and University Red.
  • Designed with an oval top measuring 9.5 inches for a 14-way, full-length individualized divider system for your clubs and grips.
  • With the classic Nike swoosh logo on its sides and front.
  • With an anti-slip, dual-density bag base.

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Large Storage Capacity

You can’t underestimate the storage capacity of this Nike Performance Hybrid Bag. This model has, even more, pockets, all 12 of them with eight that are zippered, including one that is fleece-lined and waterproofed.

It has a stretch pocket for gloves, one for your rangefinder that can double up as a GPS pocket, an insulated cooler pocket, another one that is stretched fit for apparel, and a zip-off pocket for golf balls.

Not to mention that this Nike Hybrid Golf Bag also has an oval top that measures 9.5 inches equipped with a grab handle as well as a dual-sided, 14-way top with a full-length, individualized divider system and a putter well for the club that you use the most often.

The storage capacity of this Nike model has a glove patch, pen sleeve, tee holder, other pockets for accessories such as your head cover, and integrated GPS loop.

Nike Golf Performance Hybrid Stand Bag


Nike has always been known for its innovative designs, be it for running shoes or golf bags, as evident in the Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Golf Bag curved revolving double strap featuring Nike’s EquaFlex Max Air system for the most comfortable carrying experience. With a back pad made of a well-ventilated, die-cut air mesh, your hip gets the cushion it needs when you walk to the course.

The pockets have been designed using stretch-fit materials for that unique expandable storage capacity. With this hybrid Nike Performance Golf Bag, you get a TPR bottom that is dual injected for unsurpassed traction as well as a protective rain hood when you play during inclement weather conditions.

Even the kickstand, made of lightweight aluminum, has been customized with caps for its grip leg ends.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This Nike Performance Hybrid Bag is obviously a premium stand bag exclusively designed for golfers who walk and ride during play.

A good stand bag will weight six pounds or less, which this Nike model does, to allow the golfer to walk from one hole to another without panting and sweating.

Way too often, the smallest of details really make quite the difference when it comes to both the quality and the price of any stand golf bag.

If you want well-built construction, accessible accessories, quality zippers, and comfortable shoulder straps, this Nike model is most suitable for your requirements.

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Here We highlighted Nike Performance Hybrid Stand Review

  • Design
  • Overall Features
  • Storage

Final Verdict

You always get what you pay for when it comes to the ​top golf bags. As in all things of premium quality, a premium golf bag will not come cheap but always bear in mind that the price you pay means what you’re buying is durable and long-lasting. Consider your initial cash out as a wise investment.

After all, what you’re buying is the Nike Performance Hybrid Stand Bag, not a facsimile or one that is of inferior quality. Nike’s swoosh logo says it all, and that isn’t the only thing you pay for but what it stands for: excellent quality. Besides, wouldn’t you want to own one just like Rory McIlroy?

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